Spring Summer 2024

Banane Flambée- Fresh bananas, hot dark caramel, a dash of rum and crumbled vanilla wafers.

Coin Laundry- The familiar yet oddly thrilling combination of clean cotton, white amber, and skin musk with sandalwood, agar, cashmeran and warm woody musk, with a sprinkling of peony petals and warm static.

Mango Fairy Floss- Tart mango, fresh strawberries, and peachy osmanthus wrapped in melting clouds of cotton candy, with coconut pulp co2, vanilla and pink peppercorn.

Matcha Cake Roll- Finest Matcha green tea with summery hay absolute and ambrette seed co2, blended with airy cake, gooey toasted marshmallow and black pepper.

Passion Fruit Custard- Spoonfuls of juicy passion fruit with roasted coconut co2 and white chocolate, baked in golden cream with butter pecan crumbles.

Peachy Ginger Tea- The perfect blend of white and green teas with fresh peach and ginger co2 and sparkling aldehydes.

Sand and Sea- Waves of marine notes and the shimmer of hot air over sand, with a rime of sea salt and delicate seaweed; all made dreamy with musky ambrette seed, suntan lotion and coconut flesh.

Santal et Violette- An abundance of freshly cut violets shadowed by cool woody notes of sandalwood, palo santo, and torchwood; and a warm herbal heart of vetiver, clary sage, fig and amber.

Thunder AF- A burst of springtime sweetness with dewy cyclamen, freshly-snapped green stems, clean lilac and tiny mushrooms, grounded with petrichor, mitti attar and musky woods; and electrified with lightning.

Tinto Tropical- Sweetest lychee, mango, and pineapple with pikaki and equatorial flowers, a splash of red wine; a pinch of cardamom and chili pepper and a breath of sea air.