CocoaPink Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?
***Updated*** At the moment we can only ship to the US and Canada.
As you add items to your shopping cart you can use the 'Shipping Calculator' on that page to estimate the shipping cost for your order to your location; and when possible we've tried to include different services to suit your needs. Extra duties or taxes may apply for orders outside the US however, and these are beyond our control.
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Do you make custom scents to customers' specifications?
Not very often, due to the huge amount of time, effort, and costly materials needed to create a new scent; but if you have a craving for a scent you think would be fantastic, (and ideally a large following who'd also be interested, and who'd help make it worth our while to invest our time and ingredients in developing it), then get in touch, you never know.
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Could you make me a dupe of...?
The short answer is: No. :) Sorry.
The slightly longer answer is that blending new scents takes an enormous amount of time, effort, and expensive materials; and recreating a scent isn't as simple as using the notes listed in that scent's description.
When we have the opportunity to blend new things (which is rare) we wish to focus on our own original creations. It's likely there are already dupes of the scent you're looking for available somewhere, locatable perhaps with a Google search.
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Do you customize your products at customers' request?
This depends on the current work load and the request itself.  Please email us at info@cocoapink.net before ordering, and we'll let you know if it's feasible.
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Can I get my products heavily scented or lightly scented?
CocoaPink's products are scented to the maximum percentages recommended by the fragrance oil manufactures.  We cannot guarantee the performance of any product scented more strongly than the recommended amount, and would use with caution.  In large quantities some oils could cause reactions.  If you would like your items lightly scented, please make a note in the comment box at checkout, we'll be happy to accommodate you.
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Are your products really handmade?
Yes. We make all of our products in small batches, by hand; and except for deodorant* all our products are made to our own recipes without the use of pre-made bases. We gladly stand behind the quality and integrity of our products.
(* When time and conditions permit, we also hope to develop our own deodorant recipe in future as well).

Our scents are made using a variety of high quality natural and synthetic ingredients, including essential oils, accords, aroma chemicals, attars, Co2s, and resins.
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Do you use parabens or SLS?
Absolutely not. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is a strong and harsh detergent used in many soaps and cleansers (to give the expected 'foaming' feel), and parabens are artificial preservatives used in many skin care products. These controversial chemicals have been found to be harmful to the skin and we do not use them in any of our products.
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Do you test any of your products on animals?
No. We don't test any of our products on animals, and we don't buy any of our ingredients from companies that test on animals.
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Which scents / products are suitable for vegans?
All our scents are vegan except for a limited few which are still vegetarian (for example they may contain some component derived from honey, etc):
A list of the non-vegan scents is included below for your convenience:

From the permanent General Catalog:
 * Indian Donuts
From the Spring/Summer scent list:
 * Thai Rolled Ice Cream
From the Fall/Winter scent list:
 * 1518 in Glenfinnan
 * Castle Underground
 * No More Wishes
 * Off with her Head
 * Sinister
 * Stanley Hotel
 * Swamp Consommé
 * They Will Tempt You

Almost all our products are also vegan except for the following few that may not be vegan-suitable, listed below:
 * Goatmilk & Honey Body Lotion,
 * Shine Sweetie
 * Shine +
 * Argan Therapy
 * Argan Therapy Replenishing Serum
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How do I place an order?
To place an order:
* Go to the page of the product you want, (body lotion, perfume, shampoo, etc) using the tabs at the top of the page.
* Then choose which size you'd like.
* Then choose which fragrance you'd like from the drop-down menu;
* Then click the 'add to cart' button, (then you can choose to check out or continue shopping).
You can add/remove items to or from your cart freely without committing to buy until you check out.
You can also use the 'Shipping Calculator' on that page to estimate how much the shipping will be as you go.
If you have any difficulties placing an order, please email us at info@cocoapink.net 
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What is the Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer scent list? How do I order from either?
CocoaPink has existed for well over a decade and consequently our scent list is now huge. To make it more manageable for us, but keep as many scents as possible available for you, we've divided our scent list approximately in half under the two categories of Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. We rotate these scent lists twice a year, in Spring and Fall.

Our Spring/Summer scents are usually available between April and September,
Our Fall/Winter scents are usually available September to March.
Our 'General Catalog' scents are available all year round!
Occasionally we hold special sale events when all scents (from all seasons) may be available at the same time. We always announce these events, and the seasonal change-overs, on our social media pages before they happen, so please keep an eye on them to not miss out.
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I can't find one of your scents?
First, please make sure the scent was definitely from us / one that you've bought from us before;
Second, check the dropdown scent-list on the page of the product itself you want to buy (whether it's perfume, shampoo, body butter, etc.)
If the scent is still not there, it may be the wrong season for it. We rotate our scent list twice a year (in Spring and Autumn) this is our Spring/Summer list, this is our Fall/Winter list, please see if it's on one of these.
Or it may be one of the few scents that we only sell on special occasions, like during our 'Pink Weekend'. To see these special scents, please scroll to the very bottom of our 'Pink List'.
Or, ultimately, it may have been discontinued for a number of reasons - most recently because of the difficulty in sourcing some ingredients. Please check the discontinued list here.
If you still can't find it, email us at CocoaPink.Questions@gmail.com and Elfy will investigate it for you.
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What payment options do you accept?
We accept credit card payments & Apple pay. PayPal has been turned off for now as a payment option. We may revisit this in the future.  We will continue to offer Apple pay and accept credit cards directly on our site.)
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Do you offer discounts for wholesale or large bulk orders?
We don't offer a discount for large or bulk orders because these are handmade items that still take a long time to make. But we do offer a few special discounts and promotions to our customers; to find out about these offers, follow us on InstagramFacebook or Twitter for the latest news.

We don't sell our products in bulk by the gallon, we only sell the finished product. If you're interested in carrying CocoaPink products in your retail outlet please contact us for more information.
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Do you have a minimum order policy?
We currently do not have minimum retail order requirements.
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Can I pick up my order?
At this time this option is not available.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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Will there be a sales tax?
Sales tax will be applied for purchases made in Georgia.
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Why are my products browning or why is X scent thinner than Y scent?
If your products contain any vanilla, it's quite possible they may brown naturally over time. This is completely normal and doesn't alter the product in any way.


Also, important to note, all vanilla scents are more prone to thinning in our shampoos.  So, with these particular fragrances we try to go a little lighter in scent to keep the product a little thicker.  The more fragrance added to our Shampoos the thinner the consistency will get.  Some times the shampoos will thicken or thin after leaving our shop, if this happens, please be aware your shampoo is fine and this is normal.  Contact us if you have any concerns.

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My shampoo has separated, is it bad?
Occasionally some separation does occur. This doesn't mean the product is spoiled, nor does separation lessen the product’s effectiveness. The occurrence is easily corrected by following the instruction of: 'Shake Well Before Use'.
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What is the best way to contact CocoaPink?
The best way to reach us is by email. Even though we have a published phone number we're usually too busy to take phone calls; but we check our email periodically throughout the day and will take action if it's needed urgently.
Our Contact Page also has a variety of ways you can contact us, including via social media.
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