New Spring/Summer 2021

Earthly Delights - Perfectly ripe dragon fruit with coconut cream and dark coconut rind, rich black earth attar, summer rain, warm tropical woods, and glowing amber.

Floating Among Water Lilies - Lush reeds and chamomile flowers surround a secret lake starred with waterlilies; a rising warmth of golden ambergris and frankincense.

Green Star - Sparkling green notes of fennel and cypress, ensconced in velvety green musk, and earthed with roasted barley, incense, and the soothing rich warmth of ginger Co2.

Indian Donuts (new formula) - Soft, warm, melting little donuts of pistachio and cardamom, drizzled with a dreamy rosewater syrup of Bulgarian rose absolute.

Memory Charm -The most luxurious and comforting root beer ever, topped with homemade ice-cream, freshly-whipped cream, marshmallows, and white chocolate shavings. A hint of sunny basil and precious myrrh make it extra special.

Myrrh Coffee - Rich black coffee bean Co2 swirled with finest vanilla absolute; a plate of sugary pralines, honey crackers, and coconut creams; wrapped in dreamy myrrh, musk, and the scent of warm summertime hay.

Night-blooming Iris - Damp earth and fresh green leaves underfoot, a soft rain of linden and orange blossom, a whisper of lemon, and a luxurious bed of violet irises.

Pavillon des Rêveries - A heady, musky scent for dreamers and lovers: a garland of orange flower, muguet and gardenia, a warming pinch of tobacco and cade, and a rich luxuriance of vanilla bean, woody amber, and glorious Egyptian musk.

Peacock Moth - A shimmer of white florals and heady white musk over the twilight beauty of waterlily, dark narcissus, and sensuous black musk.

Pineapple Basmati Rice - Tart fragrant pineapple, creamy basmati rice, silky white coconut flesh and golden toasted coconut Co2s; adorned with caramel-roasted pecans.

Snake in the Garden - Strange beauty in a wild garden: An overgrowth of luxuriant green leaves, delicate vines, and lush grasses; bejewelled with creamy magnolia, sweet osmanthus, shadowy violets and violet leaf absolute; grounded with fresh dirt, damp soil, and earthy incense; warmed with hay absolute, spicy copaiba balsam, golden sandalwood, creamy tonka, and musky ambrette seed Co2; and made magical with a shimmering flash of emerald musk.

Spilled Love Letters - A heartbreakingly handsome fougere on soft parchment paper; a roguish hint of fresh tobacco, beer, and leather; ivy-twined cedarwood and the sly heat of balsam of torchwood. (Unisex)

Starry Night - Deep blue swirls of blackberry and blueberry, a dark glitter of strawberry wine, lustrous white coconut Co2, and golden buttery cookie crumb.

Tea and Macarons - Aromatic green matcha tea with delicate jasmine sambac absolute; and a perfect plate of irresistible almond macarons.

Velveteen Bloom - Finest Earl Grey tea among sultry blooms of osmanthus, honeysuckle, and neroli, blended to a beautiful and surprisingly dark floral.