Mystic Mushroom 2022/2023


Destroying Angel - Luminously dangerous in the dark: Delicate jasmine and chrysanthemums glow against shadowy peppercorn, black musk, and smoke.

Twisted Deceiver - Enticing and entrancing: Notes of chocolate & vanilla ice-cream and sugary churros lure the senses; then frankincense, lofty woodsmoke and musk hypnotize

Cat Dapperling - Rich vanilla caramel curls playfully around woody amber, pale patchouli, sandalwood and golden Egyptian musk, with a wild heart of vetiver and animalic musk.

Bedstraw Smut - Tousled piles of sweet hay, cut cornstalks, honeyed cakes, and tumbled leaves on warm earth.

Turquoise Elfcup - Sea breezes and fresh salt spray, a shore of deep mosses starred with tiny blue freesias and a sweet juicy pear accord with a touch of skin musk.

Earthstar - A myriad of earth notes warmed with hearty chestnut; incense of nag champa, labdanum absolute, and patchouli; spicy cardamom and oakmoss absolute and the thrill of impending lightning.

Vampire’s Bane - Rich 5-fold lemon oil and luscious red mandarin cloaked in folds of decadent vanilla, myrrh, ambergris, and ambrette seed CO2, sweetened with melt-in-the-mouth cotton candy and spiked with the merest hint of clove.

Plums and Custard - Rich egg custard folded with warm milk, glazed with caramelized sugar, and studded with sugared plums and strawberries; all served on a platter of musky Mysore sandalwood.

Snakeskin Grisette - Sinuous notes of succulent cactus, matcha tea, and ginger CO2 glide over amber, incense and dirt, with the gentlest hiss of fine suede and dark fruits.

Inkcap - Purple fig, black tea, inky iris, dark oud and darker earth; chypre accord, cedar and vanilla absolute.

Witches' Butter - An enchanting decadence of cotton candy, creamy vanilla gelato, and salted caramel, with a melting heart of butter CO2, beeswax absolute, white musk, and tonka bean.

And also, new for Autumn:

Scorched Pumpkin - Seared pumpkin flesh, warm candle wax, a delicate ribbon of candle smoke and chill Autumnal air.