Movie Night 2021

1518 in Glenfinnan - There can be only one! In honor of the Highland hero, a scent based on ‘Cranachan’ a traditional Scottish dessert.
Tender oats swathed in thick sweetened cream, drizzled with wild honey and a sprinkling of best whisky, and layered with juicy raspberries.

Antici...pation - Give yourself over to absolute pleasure: a Rocky Horror homage.
Innocent blackberry, dewy rosemary, and freshly-plucked lavender are cloaked with incense, tobacco, and rich amber; embraced in warm black leather, and debauched by wild red & black musks and a kiss of hot clove.

Back Off, I’m a Scientist! - A tribute to the ghost-busting trio of New York:
Mounds of molten marshmallow and warm burnt sugar; glowing green apple and neon pink rhubarb; gritty dark streets; a wisp of smoke; and a sly hint of black chocolate.

Beyond the Goblin City - For when you want to put on a big poofy dress, fight through dangers untold, and tell someone they have no power over you.
A glittering fantasy of dreamy linden blossom, smoky narcissus, fresh peach, cardamom, twining ivy, living stone, and old story books; all magically bound with olibanum, sweet woody amber, and a whirl of crystalline and goblin musks.

Can’t Rain All the Time - Because sometimes a crow can bring a spirit back, for revenge, for love.
A disturbed cemetery at night, city rain, a veil of smoke, salt tears. All embraced by vanilla, benzoin, and a berry-sweet kiss.

Chainsaw Hero - When reading the wrong book makes all hell break loose. The aroma of cursed woods, withered leaves, grasping branches, tangled ferns, and petrichor; pierced by chainsaw exhaust fumes, splintered cabin wood, ancient magical tomes; and acrid flesh.

Fauno Oscuro - The faun will guide you through the forest to the labyrinth…
A midnight forest of moss-covered trees, cedar, copaiba balsam, and oakmoss; a warm earthy breath of fig and osmanthus; the tang of kaffir lime and red apple; black soil underfoot; and the ghost of rich, animalic musk.

Handbook for the Recently Deceased - Inspired by the ghost with the most in the stripy suit - just don’t say his name!
Wedding cake accord; sticky strawberries and raspberries; a shock of green melon and vibrant lime; an electric hint of mint and cilantro; grave soil; and a puff of smoke.

He Who Walks Behind the Rows - Inspired by the master of horror’s cornfield children.
Dried corn husks and sweet, withered hay over haunted dirt; the lurking earthy presence of vetiver and patchouli; a clash of burning gas and sacred incense.

It’s Only Magic - For those learning the Craft.
Lashings of sugary vanilla, magical herbs, dried sage, ritual incense, Bulgarian lavender, musk, and a chilling ocean breeze.

Keep Your Head - Beware the Headless Horseman, he rides for you!
Civilized black tea, Dutch butter cookies and apricots; a circle of protective incense; a glowing grinning pumpkin; and a night wind of whirling leaves, woodsmoke, damp mosses, and tossed earth.

Merry Halloween - The Pumpkin King comes to Christmas Town!
A festive clash of holidays. Sweet pumpkin, salted caramel apples, candy corn, and night woodsmoke meets snowy mounds of vanilla ice-cream; wild pinyon pine, black spruce needles, cranberries and candied orange peel.

Opera Ghost - The best seat in the Opera house is kept for the masked phantom…
Candlelight reflected on rosewood; an elegance of myrrh and amber; dainty macarons; a cloak as dark as black chocolate; a single perfect rose.

You’ll Never Grow Old - A vintage amusement park on a summer night boardwalk where the coolest vampires hang out.
The irresistible mingling of cotton candy, waffle cones, caramel popcorn, and candy apple is stalked by the tang of an oncoming storm, sea salt, freshly-dug dirt, and a primal, seductive musk.