Long-Lost Loves 2


These Discontinued scents that will be making a brief return for the second Long-Lost Loves event!

It starts at: 2pm (EDT) Friday 28th July
Ends: noon (EDT) Monday 31st July
When they're gone they're gone, so these scents won't be available in sample sizes.
To find these extra scents, please scroll all the way to the bottom of the drop-down scent list on whichever product you want. :)


Apple Cinnamon Funnel Cake*- inspired by a quaint little shop in the Georgia Mountains.  We just had to make a scent based on their fabulous apple cinnamon funnel cakes topped off with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Apple Pie Donut * - Sugar sprinkled donuts filled with apple pie filling tinged with hints of spiced cider.

B Scent (Type) - Grapefruit and orange lead to a classic blend of jasmine, ylang, petit grain, and rose for a sensual appeal as a blend of warm spices adds intrigue. Soft undertones of moss and musk are sweetened with vanilla to create lingering appeal.

Bear Claws* - Layers of sweet flaky pastry made irresistible with mouthwatering hints of chocolate, honey, almonds, raisins, cinnamon and confectioner’s sugar!

Bing Cherry Coconut Frosting - Rich black cherries soaked in vanilla extract then whipped in creamy coconut milk and buttercream frosting.

Black Bananas – Our Harajuku Banana blended with our black amber accord.

Black Blood - a blend of blood orange EO, sandalwood, and amber resin.

Black Chocolate Pumpkin – Slices of sweet pumpkin dipped in our bestselling Black Chocolate (Black Amber & Dark Chocolate)

Black Silk Stockings - Sugary swet cotton candy, sugar cookies, our black amber accord with a splash of citrus and berries.

Blood Orange Pucker – Blood oranges, pomegranates, boo boo lemons, limes, grapefruit sugars in a medley of pucker worthy yummy.

Blue Cotton Candy -  An airy sweet cotton candy fragrance with fruity notes of strawberry and raspberry, laced with caramel swirls and hints of nutty almond sweetened with vanilla.

Blue Raspberry Pops -  Blue raspberry ice pops twisted into a decadent blackberry marshmallow topping.

Blue Sugar- (type) A romantic floral bouquet at the heart of the fragrance intertwines with fresh green tones and rich patchouli.  The vanilla signature at the base of the scent is balanced with soft musk and warmed by exotic woody tones for lingering sensuality.

Blush - Juicy yummy pomegranates blended with pineapple, passionfruit, red grapefruit, mango and a hint of fresh grass.

Blushing Snow Angels - A creamy pomegranate blend that couples red pomegranates with creamy white chocolate, buttercream, spiritueuse double vanilla and just a splash of our black amber accord.

Bonfire Toffee – Syrupy sweet English toffee bits and vanilla marshmallows sprinkled atop a hot cup of mocha with hints of smoking firewood in the background.

Boo Boo Banana - Boo Boo Lemon Noel with a hint of Harajuku Bananas

Brown Sugar & Fig (type) - Caramelized brown sugar paired with ripened figs, smooth coconut and a touch of amber. Enticing, cozy and warm!

Bubblegum - Smells just like the iconic yummy pink bubblegum!

Candy Coated Clowns -  A rainbow of fruit punch encapsulated in a thick cotton candy coating

Caramel Chai - Piping hot chai tea with just a drizzle of caramel sauce. A sweet and spicy drink to get you moving on the coldest winter mornings.

Caress (type) – Wonderfully clean fresh scent just like the soap.

Chinatown (type) - Top notes seduce with intoxicating scents of peach blossoms and bergamot. The heart is composed of gardenia, honey and sensual sweet tuberose, peony and orange blossom, while the base is made of patchouli, cedar, warm and soft vanilla, sandalwood, cardamom, and Guiac wood.

Chocolate - A pure, yummy chocolate that will not morph. We tested over 20 different chocolates before finding this one. It's like a Hershey bar. We know you will love it.

Chocolate Dipped Ribbon candy - Glistening alabaster ribbons of pulled cane sugar enrobed in a decadent gourmet chocolate coating. 

Christmas in Cabo - No snow in sight! Celebrate Christmas on the beach with a tropical rum-raisin cake coated in coconut shavings.

Coconut Rum Cake - A scrumptious bakery arrangement beginning with almond extract, chopped almonds, and dark rum followed by sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and heavy cream topped off with flaked coconut.

Cranberry Eyelet - Just like our Ivory Eyelet but with Cranberry!  Buttercream, Cranberry, Marshmallow, Vanilla Ice Cream.

Cranberry Lime -  We took a little Lime and we dropped it in the cranberry!  Fabulous…

Cranberry Scone* - Pureed, spiced pumpkin, dried cranberries, brown sugar and vanilla glaze drizzle with a touch of warm amber. (*contains spice notes)

Dove Soap - A nice duplication of the original.

Downy Clean Breeze - Crisp and clean with citrus, cyclamen, musk, hints of florals & fruits with a dry down of an aquatic note.

Downy Moutain Spring - A blend of fresh Lime, anise, and fruity combinations of raspberry, tangerine, peach and apple with clove, muguet, cyclamen, fasmine, rose and ylang and base of musk and amber vanilla.

Gin Martini - Canadian juniper berry oil blended with Siberian fir needle, plus a jigger of ginger and a dash of vermouth essence.

Gingerbread Twist - Just like the milk and cookies you put by the chimney for Santa when you were a kid, but with a little CocoaPink twist: squares of gingerbread and warm, soft sugar cookies set out with a glass of cool coconut milk.

Halloween 1984 - Children dressed up in their homemade costumes clutching large pillowcases as they run breathless door to door in hopes they would finish the evening with aching bellies full of candy and chocolates. Multicolored gummy bears, black braided licorice, strands of vanilla taffy and chocolate fudge.

Halloween Apple Harvest - 3 favorite fall treats all wrapped into one mouthwatering fragrance. Sugared candy apples, gooey caramel apples and Toffee smothered Gala apples all decorated with candy corn.

Harvest Moon - Warm pumpkin bread with its edges rolled in heaps of soft brown sugar, a cool glass of malted milk, hot buttery caramel, fresh tobacco livened up with a bowl of ripe blackberries.

Honey Buttered Rolls* - Sweet golden honey surrounds the rich bakery tones in this gourmand treat, as hints of warm cinnamon and ginger bring a hint of a spiced accent to the scent.  Rich, creamy vanilla undertones add sumptuous sweetness to this fabulous bakery confection.

Hot Snowman – This Frosty stayed out in the sun too long. Warmer weather has caused him to turn into a big puddle of melted snow with notes of ozone and mint. A cotton scarf, a carrot, and chunks of coal litter the ground where a smiling Frosty once stood. 

Iced Gingerbread Cookies - Fresh soft baked gingerbread cookies decorated with a delicious iced frosting.

Irish Spring - Classic fresh clean scent.

Jingle Berry – bayberry bushes in a lush forest mingling with a tart and perfectly spiced pomegranate cider.

Jolly Rancher - Blend of watermelon, strawberry, cherry, peach and vanilla.

Key Lime Clouds - Tart key lime juice, pink lemonade, whipped into sweet marshmallow candy fluff.

Lady Bug - Splashes of sparkling ginger-ale, juiced oranges, grenadine and melted vanilla ice cream poured slowly over ice cubes in a chilled glass.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake - Fresh white cake combined with sugared lemon custard then slathered with a generous helping of cream cheese frosting sprinkled with poppy seeds.

Let Them Eat Cake (type) -  Sugar Cane, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid & White Musk.

L de' Lolita Lempicka (type) -A luxurious blend of fresh citrus notes of lemon and orange with cashmere and sandalwood.

Love Punch – Give your love a sip of our punch!  A blend of peach soda, sweet strawberries and a splash of champagne.

Marshmallow Candy Fluff - marshmallow spun together with sugary cotton candy fluff.

Marshmallow Cotton Candy Canes – This is a yummy blend that is not too minty, not too creamy, and not too sweet. It’s the perfect mix of marshmallow sugar, pink cotton candy, candy canes, and a bit of vanilla cream.

Marshmallow Hearts - Marshmallow candy hearts with a tangy twist.

Mint Hazelnut Cookie -Your secret recipe is everyone’s favorite treat at the annual holiday cookie swap! Toasted hazelnut sugar cookies with a candy cane crumble.

Mojito - juicy lime and sugar; balanced with mint leaves and rum.

Naughty Bananas - Spiritueuse Double Vanilla, CP Black Amber, and Harajuku Bananas.

Naughty in Pink - Naughty peaks of rich buttercream frosting with a twist of Pink.

Orange Dream - An unforgettable blend of essential oils, notes as well as heavenly bakery vanilla notes that will immediately transport you to warm, sunny days. Blood Orange juice, pure orange essential oil, fragrant orange blossoms, chantilly whipped crème, sweetened with confectioners’ sugar & white coconut cake.

Peach Lip-gloss - Juicy Georgia peaches resting on top of a trio of decadent vanilla creams dusted with soft powdered sugar.

Peaches & Cream - fresh ripened peaches, buttercream, and a creamy vanilla.

Peppermint Bark - Our version of everyone’s favorite chocolaty wintertime treat: traditional white chocolate peppermint bark, but sprinkled with crushed almonds.

Pink Frenzy - Everything pink completes this scrumptious offering—Pink Lemonade, pink marshmallows, pink strawberry bubblegum, pink watermelon bubblegum, pink cotton candies and topped off with a cherry!

Pink Mimosa - (Votivo type) strawberries blended with mimosa and hints of sandalwood and even tinier hints of gardenia. The bottom notes of Vanilla Rum add warmth while the lively notes of mandarin, mimosa and berries will tease all your senses.

Pink Pepper Candy Canes - Girly and sweet with a subtly spicy zing! Candy canes infused with Pink Sugar and dusted with just a pinch of ground pink peppercorns.

Pink Yuzu - Freshly spun cotton candy, ripe Yuzu fruit and light sprinkles of pink sugar.

Pipe Tobacco -Sweet, woody, masculine and rich.

Pistachio Biscotti – Crisp wafers of almond biscotti dotted with green pistachio halves and topped with a quenelle of freshly churned pistachio ice cream.
Pomegranate - freshly sliced pomegranate.

Pumpkin Cake on Mondays * -Sweet pumpkin blended with our super popular Cake on Monday’s scent.

Pumpkin Oatmeal Stout - Ethereal  dollops of whipped cream resting softly in a mug filled to the brim with warmed oatmeal stout that has been painstakingly home brewed with sweet pumpkin puree and perfect spiced pumpkin.

Pumpkin Spice Latte - Sweet warm pumpkin swirled within rich espresso topped with fluffy, vanilla infused steamed milk and a pinch of spice. New & improved version!

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies - Yummy sugar cookies with a hint of sweet pumpkin.

Rainbow Candy Canes - Rows of shimmering candy canes swirled with rainbow stripes and flavored with plump juicy blackberries, succulent raspberries, sugared lemons and limes, Satsuma oranges, marshmallow fluff, ribbons of vanilla bean noel & peppermint infused sugar cane.

Rice flower & Shea (type)  softly scented rice flower blends beautifully with creamy shea butter.

Sandman - A delicious, sandy sugar cookie dusted with a sprinkle of toasted almonds.

Santa’s Workshop – All the wonderful scents you might find in Santa’s workshop. Candy canes and chocolates mingle with freshly sanded wooden toys and swirls of tobacco from Santa’s pipe.

Serendipity (Type) -notes of cocoa, Tahitian vanilla and blood orange.

Shampure (type) - Coriander oil, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Bergamot with the sweet seductive aroma of Ylang ylang.

Strawberries & Champagne - A glass of bubbly topped with a fresh strawberry slice rolled in sugar crystals.

Sweet Pea (Type) - An English garden reminiscent of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine with a background of light herbal and musky notes.

The Upside-Down - Black vanilla orchid and vanilla bean saturated with oud with just a hint of something that chills you to the bone. 

Toffee Apple Crunch - The aroma of granny smith apples with creamy, buttery caramel; dipped in crunchy toffee chips.

Tomato Leaf - Garden fresh tomato leaf with a rich earthy base.

Tres Leches Cake- farm-fresh milk, scalded to culinary perfection, and rich cream cheese icing.

Trix-  Just like your favorite fruity cereal.

Vanilla Mint - Six scrumptious vanillas blended with sugary sweet peppermint for the ultimate mint lover’s dream.

Vanishing - Ripe pomegranate infused wine, 5 fold orange, sticky maple sap, aged bourbon whiskey.

Violet Pixie Dust - Violets dipped in a sugary concoction of  berries, plums, pears, strawberries and a hint of citrus sprinkled with sweet sugar crystals.

White Pumpkin – Mad Hatter Tea Cakes with Pumpkin Frosting! If you like soft, almondy cookies with a twist, you will love this scent!

* = Indicates notes are spicy, please order with caution, especially not suggested on shampoos and conditioners. May cause a reaction, please perform a patch test before use.