Halloween 2020


Mother of Apples - For Snow White’s queenly stepmother:
The woods, earth, and mosses of a northern forest; winter air, snow accord; one magical red apple; and a heart-shaped box.

Good With Rats - For those who follow the Pied Piper:
A temptation of creamy vanilla, amber, and sweet maple sugar; soft brown fur musk; village woodsmoke; dark stone, burning agar wood; and glowing spice embers.

No More Wishes - For the all-powerful jinn released from Aladdin’s lamp:
Lush coconut and musky ambrette seed, warmed by chypre, copal and sweet tobacco; an offering of golden honey, figs and plums before a brazier of champaca and flames of ginger; a rising sinuous thrill of black musk.

Nibble, Nibble, Little Mouse - Who is nibbling at my house? For the innocent witch in her delicious cottage:
A perfect cottage of gingerbread, chocolate dipped marshmallows and vanilla cream in a picturesque forest clearing. Incense-laden smoke trickles from the chimney.

Beastly - For the Beast hoping to be saved by Beauty:
Ancient castle stones, the brooding airs of a dark forest, a threat of winter; a fougere fit for a prince, the musk and leather of a beast; a library filled with rare books; and a single red rose.

Sea Witch - For the formidable sorceress who gave the Little Mermaid what she wanted:
Salt breezes over dark ocean depths haunted by green weeds; rich black earth and unearthly incense; a jewelled flash of petitgrain; a ribbon of pure vanilla as sweet as a mermaid’s stolen song.

Big Bad Wolf - For the cunning acquaintance of Red Riding Hood:
Brown wolf musk in white cotton; a basket of creamy vanilla cakes; a posy of tiny forest flowers; a cheerful little fire in the hearth; and a lascivious grin of red musk.

Get Off My Bridge - For the peaceful troll who’s tired of goats and idiots: 
Green and misty trees, piles of moss; damp earth, tender ferns, fresh herbs and cucumber; and under weathered stone: dark licorice and clove.

Off With Her Head! - For the unpredictable Queen of Hearts in Wonderland:
A confection of buttery puff pastry adorned with strawberries; a croquet lawn of freshly-cut grass; white roses stained raspberry red; and heady pink flamingo musk.

Thorn & Spindle - For the sleeping spell and wall of thorns surrounding Sleeping Beauty:
A fortress of ivy, creeping leaves, dark woods, and rich shadowy amber; a golden spinning-wheel of sandal and rosewood; a crown of wild roses; and a thread of sweet spun cotton candy.

No Princesses Here - We’re the witches, we’re the bad fairies, we’re the monsters and the beasts. We don’t need rescuing, there’s no princesses here.
Rich blood orange and sweet chili pepper; a heart of dragon’s blood; smoky oud, fresh dirt, vetiver and cade.

Ten Years, Pumpkin - Made especially for CocoaPink’s ten year anniversary to celebrate a decade of deliciousness!
Our sweet pumpkin caramelised with our own heavenly burnt-sugar blend; made decadent with oud, vanilla, and dulce de leche; and grounded in deep musky earth and cement. Unashamed gourmand badassery.