Discontinuing products

We have some difficult news to announce -

We’re having to say goodbye to a key member of staff who’s moving to another state, and who’s been an integral part of our indie company, as well as a dear friend. This will be a huge loss for us, and it’ll be a long, difficult task to find and train a suitable replacement.

Realistically, we won’t have time to train someone new until after the holidays. For now this means orders may take longer to produce while we get back into the swing of operating as a two-person team.
It also means we’ll have to make some immediate changes to our product line-up so we can keep TAT down as much as possible.

In particular: Sample vials in alcohol format. Due to their spray bottles, they take a *huge* amount of time to make and label, 4-5 times longer than our oil vials. So to keep TAT down as much as possible we’ll have to remove them from the site for the foreseeable future.
Alcohol sample vials will be pulled from the site at 6pm Eastern Time, on October 22nd.

The oil-based samples will remain available, as well as all other sizes of alcohol-based perfumes (10ml, 1oz & 2oz).

There may be other tough decisions we’ll need to make, and maybe with very little warning, but we’ll do our best to let you all know exactly what’s happening.
Thank you for your patience at this time, and our love and best wishes go with our friend as she prepares for this new adventure, though we’ll miss her terribly. xx