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New Halloween & Fall Scents 2018

New Fall & Halloween

Angel of Mumbai Sky Tower - A heartbroken angel finds a new life on the stage: Green and black teas sweetened with creamy coconut milk and warm amber; notes of incense come to life with myrrh and nag champa, then darken with smoky oud.

Cowboy from Hell - They call him the Gettysburg Butcher, condemned to relive his own hell over and over: A shimmer of hot arid air; the sun-baked wood of an abandoned shack: spindles of tumbleweed; saddle leather; dry amber; wild animal musk*; and a trickle of gunpowder. *vegan

God s Jazz - A smoky club in New Orleans lined with private leather booths; a waiter brings bourbon and a platter of warm beignets dusted with powdered sugar; a sigh of jasmine perfume from the jazz singer lingers in the air.

Grail Industries - The most secret organization and their chilling mission: Shafts of pure white musk illuminate crisp, white cotton, rarefied air with a drop of tart fruits. Cool tones of sandalwood herald rising clouds of sacred frankincense and myrrh.

Homicidal Girlfriend - A sexy, feminine scent with a badass twist for our contract killer girlfriend: The sweetness of vanilla pancakes & boo-berry blueberries; the piquance of black leather and musk; a whisper of woods and spicy florals; and through it all the threat of gunpowder.

Monster Swamp - The cold, green waters of Angelville Swamp, overgrown with water lilies and choked by mosses. An empty coffin. The ghost of generator fumes still haunt the air.

October in Provence - A scent reminiscent of sweet Musque de Provence (or 'fairy tale') pumpkin baking in the oven as the sun sets over fields of lavender, and the last heat of Autumn warms the dark, incensey soils of Southern France. A ribbon of woodsmoke rises in the valley, and a sweet hint of the patisserie is carried on the breeze.

October in Umbria - A golden afternoon in a secret orchard at the heart of Italy: A juicy pear accord evokes the Emilia Romagna 'Queen of Pears', and twines with an achingly ripe fig accord from a tree heavy with fruit. Warm amber captures the slanting sunlight, and illuminates dishes of baked orchard fruit served with lashings of vanilla cream and peaked Italian meringue.

Padre - Holy incense and unholy smoke wreathe this hard-fighting, hard-drinking preacher, a little bit of good and a whole lotta bad: Frankincense, ambergris*, dark musk, patchouli, oud, smoke accord, vetiver, tobacco, bourbon, neroli, balsam, and sandalwood.  *vegan

Ratwater 1881 - A wild, lawless little town where whiskey and sin flow freely: An intoxicating combination of frontier bourbon, temptingly sweet spiced vanilla, and the warm smoky wood of charred oak barrels.

Swamp Consommé -Our own delicious (fruity) version of the monstrous dish by the same name: Red apples, crimson cherries, and blood-red stalks of rhubarb, all crushed and cooked in the stickiest caramel sauce with a sprinkling of candied nuts, and just smothered with buttery pastry. A wild animalic musk* prowls the edges. *vegan

Wayward Vampire - This vice-loving vampire from Dublin craves a strong drink, adventures at night, and smokes in the sun - literally: Absinthe, masculine woods, fresh dirt, vetiver, and balsam Peru oil, revivified by a heady blend of dragon’s blood, blood orange, and cade.

Wynken, Blynken & Nod - A lullaby to soothe a child born of an angel and demon; this is about balance and juxtapositions: Black amber musk vs pure white musk; dark roasted coffee swirled with thick creamy vanilla; deep cocoa absolute and light white chocolate; a breath of stern cardamom and a kiss of sweet tonka.

♣ - denotes Phthalate Free
  * - denotes spice notes, please do a test patch before using and not well suited for in shower products, shampoos or conditioners.