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Amber White - The rare, seductive aroma of pure warmed white amber. (a very light scent- not well suited for products with heavy base scent)

An American Vanilla – (Type) Vanilla cream enhanced by cassis, clary sage, and a hint of lavender.

Ancient Woods - Dried birch, crisp autumn breezes, Cockleshell climbing Ivy, lavender and cypress tied together amongst fresh, wild mint leaf.

Angel Food Cake-- the aroma of a freshly baked angel food cake.  ♣

Angelica - is an urban maiden, surrounded by hot asphalt and broken down cars leaking oil. She walks the streets armed with a .357 magnum and a heavy ax to seek out the living dead.  Gun powder, cement, motor oil and vanilla musk  ♣

Apple Cinnamon Funnel Cake*~ inspired by a quaint little shop in the Georgia Mountains.  We just had to make a scent based on their fabulous apple cinnamon funnel cakes topped off with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Apple Pie Donut *- Sugar sprinkled donuts filled with apple pie filling tinged with hints of spiced cider.

Apple Popcorn Balls – Buttery melted caramel squares coat crimson gala apple slices and warm gobs of melted marshmallow drizzled over hot kettle corn make this delicious fall treat.

Apricot Eyelet - Juicy golden apricots swirled with our heavenly Frosted Eyelet (buttercream, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream).  A bestseller from our black Friday sale!

Autumn Hay Ride - The brisk autumn air whips through your locks while bright crimson, orange and yellow leaves dance through the wind amidst the perfect aroma of sweet pumpkin flesh, white peaches, and golden hay bales glowing in the afternoon sun with just a pinch of clary sage.

Autumn In Vermont* - Gorgeous red maple leaves, freshly harvested orchard apples, light hints of bakery cinnamon, golden amber tempered by hints of sweet agar-wood and Indian sandalwood.

Autumn Splendor - The gorgeous fragrance of bright red autumn leaves swirling around sweet white birch trees, whispers of golden sage, warm amber, rosewood and a drop of honey.

Baby, it’s Cold Outside - A cozy holiday evening at home by the fire: the scent of oven-fresh blackberry-caramel streusel mingles with the subtle aroma of smoke from the fireplace and your favorite vanilla perfume.

Banana Coconut Cloud Pie - Harajuku Bananas, Coconut Cream Pie, Coconut Milk, Marshmallow Sugar, Vanilla Pudding, and crushed Vanilla Wafers for the crust.

Bavarian Coconut Cake~ Rich creamy custard cake sprinkled with toasted coconut.  Delish!

Bendel Vanilla Bean (Type) -Aromatic vanilla bean sensually blended with warm patchouli and sweet jasmine.

Bing Cherry Coconut Frosting - Rich black cherries soaked in vanilla extract then whipped in creamy coconut milk and buttercream frosting.

Black - two types of rich amber resins and a little something more - this is that delish sexy note in our "black" blends.

Black Apple Noel  -  CP Black, juicy Golden Delicious apples smothered  in a mouthwatering sticky sweet caramel coating and rounded out with ghostly ribbons of vanilla bean noel.

Black Bananas – Harajuku Banana & CP Black.

Black Berry Bliss – CP Black, Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, and Cranberries.

Black Blood ~ is a blend of blood orange EO, Mysore sandalwood, and amber resin.

Black Cat in the Pumpkin Patch ~ Imagine the bestselling scent “Black Kittens” with a splash of sweet pumpkin! This is unexpected, original, and quite amazing!

Black Cherry Upside Down Cake - White cake and pound cake batter blended together baked to perfection then topped with mounds of marshmallow fluff frosting and finished off with juicy wild black cherries.

Black Chocolate - Dark complex Belgian chocolate laced with two types of rich amber resin. Our chocolate does not morph on the skin, but remains a lovely true scent.

Black Chocolate Pumpkin – Slices of sweet pumpkin dipped in our bestselling Black Chocolate (Black Amber & Dark Chocolate)

Black Chocolate Raspberries ~ Fresh, juicy raspberries coated in a layer of rich dark chocolate with a hint of seduction.

Black Forest - The haunting fragrance of Scotch pine boughs, burning firewood and dried fall leaves married with CP's warm sensual amber note.

Black Kittens ~ Black, Boo Boo Lemon Noel, a drop of Egyptian Musk.

Black Marshmallow -  You love sweet things like sugar cubes and white lace. But sometimes you need to be a little naughty. Try this new "foodie sexy" blend of sweet marshmallow fluff and rich ambers for a dessert you won't forget.

Black Noel- two types of rich amber resins and a little something more - this is that delish sexy note in our "black" blends with an added splash of Vanilla Bean Noel.

Black Orchid & Vanilla - Exotic orchids with hints of fresh floral greens mingled with a sweet vanilla base.  ♣

Black Sugar Cake - Black, Cake On Mondays, Buttercream Frosting, American Cream.

Black Vanilla~ CocoaPink's rich black amber blended with three different Vanillas.          

Black Velvet ~ A new twist on Lavender essential oil sweetened with vanilla & spiced up with a splash of CocoaPink's amber blend.

Black Voodoo~ black, spiritueuse double vanilla, butterscotch, bourbon vanilla, hot butter rum & coconut crème.

Black Widow - Smoldering dragon blood resin, sweet aged white patchouli, a pinch of sugared black vanilla beans and wood smoke from a distant crackling fire.

Blackberry Cotton Candy Frosting - Cotton candy frosting, moist yellow cake sprinkled with juicy ripe blackberries.    ♣

Blackberry Sugar - Blackberry, Sugar Whipped Cotton Candy, and a splash of Candy floss.

Blackberry Tea - Ceylon black tea spiked with sweet Italian lavender, aromatic German chamomile, soft whispers of blackberry juice all held together with a drop of Myrrh.

Blue Snowflakes - Sparkling mounds of fluffy almond icing snow accented with a soft dusting of blue sugar.

Blushing Snow Angels- A creamy pomegranate blend that couples red pomegranates and CP’s blush with creamy white chocolate, buttercream, spiritueuse double vanilla and just a splash of our black amber.

Bobbing For Apples - Orchard peaches, Honey Crisp apples, glowing Jack O' lanterns, pumpkin flesh, and layers of creamy vanilla with just a touch of the warm patchouli fragrance of Witch's Brew.

Bonfire Pumpkins -  This scent started out as an accident then turned into my personal all time favorite scent.  This year I decided to share.  We accidentally mixed Pumpkin porridge with Marshmallow Fireside and created a sensational creamy bonfire scent with notes of maple oats drizzled with pure golden clover honey, a pinch of muscovado sugar all topped with a dollop of sugared pumpkin puree plus toasted vanilla marshmallows over a roaring fire.  This is a smoky scent.

Bonfire Toffee – Syrupy sweet English toffee bits and vanilla marshmallows sprinkled atop a hot cup of mocha with hints of smoking firewood in the background.

Boo Boo Lemon Noel - Lemon Curd and Vanilla Bean Noel.  It's a wonderful creamy lemon scent.

Boogie man- Gooey black raspberry gumdrops rolled in sweet sugar crystals. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Bride Of Frankenstein - Velvety rose petals floating in sweet burgundy wine spiked with ripe plum, pomegranate, red currant, sexy red musk and exotic teak.

Broomstick - A haunting blend of dark musks tainted with smokey oud, black vanilla and deep, green notes.

Butter Pecan Cake – Rich and buttery, this scent is sure to please the foody lovers. Realistic butter cake topped with an assortment of candied nuts.

Buttercream Frosting~ Sweet, creamy and delicious.

Buttercream Praline - Notes of creamy French vanilla buttercream frosting meets smashed sugared pralines and cream.

Buttermint Candy—A crisp clean peppermint with hints of vanilla bean.

Butterscotch Bars~ Goo describes these delicious so rich and buttery, so melt-in-your-mouth magnificent butterscotch bars.

Butterscotch Marshmallow Frosting -Thick waves of brown sugar and vanilla saturated butterscotch folded gently into a sugary marshmallow fluff frosting.

Cake Monster-- Cousin to the Cookie Monster, Mr. Cake's favorite is a syrupy-sweet vanilla cake drizzled in a candied lemon glaze.

Cake on Mondays* - delicious sponge cake made with almond extract, vanilla, and a hint of cinnamon, then slathered in cream cheese buttercream frosting.  May cause irritation due to the spice notes.

Campfire S' mores - Ooey Gooey toasted marshmallows with a bit too much toasting on top of melting gourmet chocolate squares sandwiched between two honeyed graham crackers.

Candy Apple (Type)~ Similar to BBW famous winter candy apples, with a bit more sweet apple scent.

Candy Coated Clowns--  A rainbow of fruit punch encapsulated in a thick cotton candy coating.

Candy Corn Cake Pops - White cake pops slathered with decadent swirls of caramel apple infused buttercream frosting rolled in bowls of candy corn.

Candyfloss - It's more than just Pink Sugar, more than just Cotton Candy. A Twist of Pink makes it original, yet warmly familiar.

Caramel Chai* - Piping hot chai tea with just a drizzle of caramel sauce. A sweet and spicy drink to get you moving on the coldest winter mornings.   ♣

Caramel Popcorn Balls - Melted marshmallow buttery caramel popcorn balls, a delicious Halloween treat sure to evoke memories of childhood.

Cauldron Bubbles - Squashed Blackberries mixed into a potion of Sweet Sugary Cotton Candy, Pounds of Marshmallows, Cupcake Batter, Buttery Frosting.

Champagne Sugar - sweet fruity notes of white berries and fruits, spun sugar, hints of ginger and bubbly champagne.

Chergui type- honey, musk, incense, tobacco leaf, hay sugar, amber, iris rose and sandalwood.    ♣

Cherry Almond Tart~ A flaky buttery crust filled with mouthwatering cherries laced with almonds.

Cherry Cola Float – A frosted glass filled with ice cold cherry cola with waves of sliced wild black cherries and vanilla bean ice cream.

Chilly Pumpkin - Vanilla bean flecked ice cream melting over hot pumpkin pie, fresh whipped cream surrounded by glazed, Halloween-sprinkled donuts.

Christmas in Cabo - No snow in sight! Celebrate Christmas on the beach with a tropical rum-raisin cake coated in coconut shavings.

Christmas on the Beach – Our bestselling beachy fragrance gets a wintery update. Notes of suntan oil and coconut meld together with gingerbread cookies and piney bonfires.

Cinderella’s Carriage – What did Cinderella really wish for? We think it was this blend of Coconut Cream Pie with Marshmallow Meringue, Sweet Pumpkin, Spiritueuse Double Vanilla, and Vanilla Bean Noel. We think this is the REAL reason the prince fell in love, who could resist Cinderella in sexy foodie?

Clean Laundry - fresh & clean with a light summer breeze of distant flowers.   ♣

Clean (type) - soapy, notes of litsea cubeba, orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit, passion lily, rose geranium, and white musk.   ♣

Cocomint - A new favorite wintertime coffee shop treat: warmed coconut milk with two pumps of vanilla syrup, stirred and garnished with a candy cane.

Coconut Cream Pie - Rich buttery vanilla, a hint of marshmallow, and white coconut baked on a flaky pie crust.

Coconut Rum Cake- A scrumptious bakery arrangement beginning with almond extract, chopped almonds, and dark rum followed by sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and heavy cream topped off with flaked coconut.

Coconut Sugar - Creamy white coconut milk infused with vanilla pods and frothed with white sugar.

Coeur de Vahine -  soft and feminine, complex yet not overbearing -Notes of bergamot, orange, peach and passion fruit; with middle notes of cinnamon, rose, jasmine, Tahitian Opuhi petals; ending on dry notes of sandalwood, vanilla pods and musk. This is a wonderful general purpose scent.

Coffee - wake up to the invigorating aroma of a big ol' pot of freshly brewed Colombian coffee.

Come-hither – Such a sexy scent of intoxicating vanillas with a hint of myrrh.  This is not a foodie vanilla. This vanilla is all grown up and will demand attention on anyone who wears it.

Confederate Jasmine~  Authentic jasmine scent- like walking past walls of climbing jasmine blossoms.   ♣

Cotton Candy - Yummy Cotton Candy Spun Sugar Goodness.     

Cotton Candy Canes ~ Cotton Candy with bits and pieces of yummy candy canes.

Cotton Candy Dreams - Raspberry cotton candy frosting whipped together to perfection with our popular Triple Vanilla Dream fragrance.

Country Kitchen - With a slight chill in the air the delicious fragrances of cocoa and vanilla infused rum raisin cookies dipped in powdered sugar combined with just a touch of freshly baked bread warms you from the inside out.

Cozy Blanket - A symphony of beautiful warm vanillas that embrace your senses like only your favorite soft blanket can. Fresh vanilla notes kissed with black vanilla bean, bourbon vanilla, sweet creamy vanilla, amber white with delicate hints of white sandalwood and aged patchouli.

Cozy Cabin In the Woods - White Cedar trees heavily laden with soft piles of snow, sweet sandalwood, crackling freshly chopped firewood roaring from inside the glowing fireplace with the heavenly aromas of creamy sugared vanilla and gingerbread floating through the air.

Cranberry - Tart yet sweet - the perfectly balanced cranberry.

Cranberry Eyelet~ Just like our Ivory Eyelet but with Cranberry!  Buttercream, Cranberry, Marshmallow, Vanilla Ice Cream.

Cranberry Noel ~ another favorite is back again. CP’s exclusive tart cranberry with no spice notes, sweetened with VBN.

Cranberry Scone* - Pureed, spiced pumpkin, dried cranberries, brown sugar and vanilla glaze drizzle with a touch of warm amber.

Cream Puff *- Tastes like dessert.  Delicious mouthwatering cream puff pastries with a dusting of cinnamon.    ♣

Crème Bouquet (Type) - Sweet blend of vanilla, pink lilac & lily of the valley.  *This is a limited edition oil*

Crimson Pear Tarts - Placed neatly in pie crust lined ramekins, this heavenly desert is sure to please and smells just like the real thing! Vibrant crimson caramelized Bartlett pears coated in dark muscovado sugar, maple butter drizzled with fresh golden tupelo honey and natural vanilla cream.   ♣

Demogorgon - Autumn leaves beneath your feet crunch loudly as you run through the woods into an old wooden shed… but you quickly sense danger is everywhere around you. He is coming for you. Dried autumn leaves, golden amber, bright red maple leaves, dark blackberry wine and old wood overcome with patches of moss bring this fragrance to life.  ♣

Dracula- What does Dracula love more than blood?  Blood Oranges of course!  Thick slices of juicy blood oranges covered in rich, dark chocolate.

Egyptian Musk - musky, sexy, unique.  Simply the best out there.

Eleven - Serene, creamy white vanillas, wild crimson rose petals, a delicate whisper of blue pine needles with something darker lurking just beneath the surface.

Elf Magic—is a bubbly, magical blend of candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup with effervescent spicy soda pop bubbles for a magical top note.   ♣

Enchanted - Mango leaves, star fruit, and other sweet tropical fruits balanced with a wisp of verbena and lime blossoms. This is just the right balance of sweet, fresh and floral.

English Cathedral~ heighten your senses with this resiny incense blend that will take you to an English countryside cathedral with English ivy and jasmine lawns.   ♣

Eva's Ambrosia ~ Our lovely customer Eva came up with this mouthwatering blend of Sweet Sours, Lime Sugar, Satsuma Guava, Blood Orange & Boo Boo Lemon Noel.  It is a must try!

Faded Memories - A blend of delicate vanillas, soft osmanthus, autumn hay bales, golden amber and copal.

Fear Of Cemeteries (Coimetrophobia)  -  Cool damp graveyard dirt with a single white carnation placed cautiously against an old granite headstone, covered by dying crimson and yellow autumn leaves with a soft whisper of wood smoke carried in a crisp breeze.

Fear of Ghosts (Phasmophobia) -  Glowing marshmallow orbs and smoky vanilla spectral mists swirl aimlessly around an old bonfire in the Crisp October night air – Fresh vanilla puffed marshmallows, toasted marshmallows, hints of bonfire smoke among scattered sharp grains of white rice to ward unwelcome spirits away.

Fear of Halloween (Samhainophobia) - The tooth ache inducing candy at the bottom of old worn pillowcases and plastic jack o lanterns! Sweet tarts, candy corn, assorted lollipops, melting chocolate and wild raspberry chewing gum.

Fear of Pumpkins (Cucurbitophobia) – Sweet pumpkin entombed inside soft pale cupcakes topped with whipped buttercream frosting next to a frightful blend of sugared pralines and pumpkin bread.

Fear of Spiders (Arachnophobia) – Dragon’s blood resin, the memorable scent of fine pipe tobacco, chopped bundles of firewood, fragrant sprigs of wormwood and bright scarlet apples.   ♣

Fear Of Witches (Wiccaphobia)  – Warm baked bread fresh from the oven, gentle wisps of bonfire smoke drifting through the frigid autumn air and smooth buttery caramel sprinkled with coarse black sea salt is your best bet in keeping them at bay.   ♣

Fleurs Siagne ~ a floral lover’s dream come true with this lovely mix of flowers that grow along the Siagne Canal in France.  Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose and Orange Blossom.

Flowerbomb (Viktor & Rolf Type) ~ wildly lively and busy floral, it opens with notes of bergamot, tea, jasmine, iris, violet and freesia. It is nicely tempered with sugar candy, bright citrus, cedarwood and ozone marine notes finally closing in a whisper of sensuality... sweet musk, powdery vanilla, patchouli, rose and Tonka bean.

Fluffy Green Tea- We took our fabulous Green Tea and blended it with Marshmallows.  A customer’s special request!

Forever Winter - Warm mugs are filled with marshmallow topped hot cocoa and French vanilla cappuccino while candied ginger and other spiced holiday sweets fill the room. Carefully chosen warm background notes of cozy sandalwood, Madagascar peppercorn and white musk truly make this fragrance sexy gourmand.

French Lime Blossom (Jo Malone Type) - inspired by a stroll along the Champs Elysée, French Lime Blossom is a romantic, full-bodied floral. The scent of sweet lime blossoms with a twist of bergamot and tarragon is evocative of the first day of spring.

French Vanilla Custard - Warm fresh vanilla with hints of powdered sugar.

Fresh Strawberry - Very lightly scented in fresh strawberries - a well-balanced, not too sweet, not too jolly rancher strawberry scent.   ♣

Frost Bite - Sparkling, frosted white birch trees covered with dying yellow leaves, Italian bergamot, bourbon vanilla, osmanthus, and one single whisper of vetiver.

Frosted Eyelet - Buttercream, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream.  This is our best selling Ivory Eyelet, without the Lemon.  Delicious!

Frozen Ground - Long dead autumn leaves frozen to the ground encapsulated in a thin layer of ice with dark soil poking through surrounding a single pale magnolia flower frozen in time that seems awkwardly out of place.   ♣

Full Moon - Blackberry, Coconut Milk, Marshmallows, White Chocolate.

Genevieve  -  Sweet, milky ghosts sway side to side intoxicated from the scent of bourbon vanilla as Genevieve is ready with a bundle of burning, smoky sage.  sweet milk, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood, burning sage & smoke

Ghost In The Mirror - Three translucent vanillas pressed up against sugared tonka beans and crimson apples drizzled with a thick caramel sauce sprinkled delicately with Himalayan pink sea salt.

Ghost Rider - Sultry Leather, pale musk, chamomile buds and a single white Bulgarian rose stripped of its thorns.

Ghost Train Of Gettysburg - Faint memories of gun powder, ghostly vanilla mists blended with the distinct scents of pipe tobacco, overgrown grass, cold dirt, rusted metal, blackberries from a nearby wild blackberry bush, giant oak trees creaking softly in the breeze.

Ginger Crème Brûlée – Sweet vanilla bean and ginger crème brûlée with a burnt sugar crust, finally, topped with a slice of candied ginger. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Gingerbread Noel – The VBN really helps tone down the spice notes in the gingerbread. We even added a splash of sugar cookies to sweeten it up a bit.

Gingerbread Twist - Just like the milk and cookies you put by the chimney for Santa when you were a kid, but with a little CocoaPink twist: squares of gingerbread and warm, soft sugar cookies set out with a glass of cool coconut milk.

Gingerbread Village* - The comforting winter scents forever present in the Gingerbread Village. Carefully assembled gingerbread houses, warm slices of apple pie topped with fluffy vanilla bean infused whipped cream - sprinkled with brown sugar, pumpkin, candied ginger and glowing amber.

Gingerdead House – A scrumptious, gingerbread house infused with aromatic patchouli, which is held together with fluffy cream cheese frosting and decorated with sugary lemon and orange drops.

Glowing Eyes - Black and red musks slashed with bourbon vanilla, aged leather, dried Moroccan spices and ancient woods sweetened with honey infused pomegranate cider.

Glowing Jack o' Lanterns - Sweet pumpkin pulp, the memorable aroma of toasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin flesh and glowing golden amber.

Goblin-- A ghoulish, translucent blend of marshmallow, sweet candy corn all topped off with a smoky vanilla bean...

Goblin's Breath - Dreamy clouds of French vanilla infused cotton candy heightened with a sinister twist of red carnation, pink peppercorn and vetiver.   ♣

Golden Morning - Cool vanilla wrapped around honeyed, pale pumpkin gently grounded with white oak, tonka bean finished with the barest hint of copal.

Gooey Caramel  – Real, old fashioned caramel, the gooey, salty kind made with real butter. This is the truest caramel you will find.   ♣

Grapefruit Sugar~ Tart, fresh grapefruit with a hint of sugary sweetness. Good unisex scent.

Green Apple Noel - Sweet, juicy crisp granny smith apples with lashings of vanilla bean noel.

Green Harvest - This unique fragrance combines fresh notes of green pumpkin skin, green Kadota figs and crisp golden delicious apples drizzled with warmed, creamy caramel.

Green Tea - Not perfumish at all. We hunted like crazy for a green tea scent that smell like real manuka tea. Great blended with VBN or Marshmallows.

Green Tea & Mint~ Leaves of peppermint & spearmint added to our green tea with a splash of marshmallow to sweeten it up.

Halloween 1984 - Children dressed up in their homemade costumes clutching large pillowcases as they run breathless door to door in hopes they would finish the evening with aching bellies full of candy and chocolates. Multicolored gummy bears, black braided licorice, strands of vanilla taffy and chocolate fudge.

Halloween Apple Harvest - 3 favorite fall treats all wrapped into one mouthwatering fragrance. Sugared candy apples, gooey caramel apples and Toffee smothered Gala apples all decorated with candy corn.

Halloween in Dublin – Flake pipe tobacco blended with deep bourbon vanilla and ghost white rainier cherries.

Halloween Night -  Honeycrisp apples coated in buttery melted caramel, bourbon vanilla, crumbles of muscavado sugar, white sugar and candy corn.

Harajuko Bananas - Strong, rich, and sweet. Banana notes are made more complex with hints of black currant, caramel, raspberry, and vanilla. Yummy, strong, and perfect for anyone wanting more than plain bananas.

Harlequin Mask - Smooth shea gently sweetened with tinges of warm vanilla, yellow pear smothered within gobs of golden honeycomb

Harvest Cider Cake - Sinful carrot cake batter blended with smooth apple cider, baked lovingly until just right, then topped with mounds of fluffy cream cheese frosting.

Harvest Moon - Warm pumpkin bread with its edges rolled in heaps of soft brown sugar, a cool glass of malted milk, hot buttery caramel, fresh tobacco livened up with a bowl of ripe blackberries.

Harvest Wreath - A colorful array of newly harvested apples piled high in aged oak baskets below fragrant dried wreaths adorned with an abundance of dried lingonberries lit up by brilliant red and yellow autumn leaves grounded with cinnamon vanilla. ♣

Haunted Carnival - The haunting aromas of hot funnel cakes coated with delicate powdered sugar, warmed soft pretzels, sticky webs of freshly spun cotton candy and buckets of white fluffy kettle corn flow through the brisk autumn air, instantly bringing you back in time.

Haunted Forest - Deep, woodsy yet complex and mysterious. Top notes of dark pomegranate juice sharpened with sweet lemon sugar crystals, cracked Indian teakwood and shards of pure West Indian sandalwood at the base.

Hazelnut Napoleons~ Layers of a flaky pastry crust wedged between a marshmallow hazelnut filling topped with white chocolate glaze squiggled with rich dark chocolate.

Hearts on Fire Gelato – Black vanilla bean fluffy Italian gelato infused with decadent shots of hazelnut coffee drizzled generously with sticky gobs of melted caramel then scooped lovingly into a freshly made waffle cone.

Heavenly Vanilla- Wrap yourself in the soft embrace of West Indian vanilla orchid, fresh black vanilla beans, a splash of warm ozone and hint of sparkling white sugar cane.

Herbal Essence type - duplication of the original Clairol Herbal Essence's shampoo and conditioner scent.  It contains deep woody base notes, mid notes of heather, jasmine and ylang ylang. The top notes include lime, grapefruit and bergamot.   ♣

Holiday Lights - The exotic blend of luscious pomegranate sorbet and delicious vanilla custard swirled together and topped with sugared plums.

Homemade Holiday Eggnog* - Creamy milk and heavy thickened cream, sugar cane, vanilla extract spiked with hot buttered rum and topped with a special blend of powdered nutmeg and light touch of cinnamon.

Honey Cinnamon Rolls* - Warm fragrant cinnamon buns smothered in white honey infused cream cheese frosting topped with smashed sugared pralines.

Hot Cocoa - There is nothing like a steaming mug of gourmet hot chocolate loaded with a milky froth on a chilly winter's day.

Hot Snowman – This Frosty stayed out in the sun too long. Warmer weather has caused him to turn into a big puddle of melted snow with notes of ozone and mint. A cotton scarf, a carrot, and chunks of coal litter the ground where a smiling Frosty once stood.

Hunter’s Moon—we started with fresh fruits of pears, blueberries and pineapple then added some juniper and eucalyptus and a few splashes of Douglass fir, cedar and white musk.   ♣

Iced Gingerbread Cookies - Fresh soft baked gingerbread cookies decorated with a delicious iced frosting.

Irish Cream Cappuccino ~ Smooth and creamy vanilla with a shot of whiskey, Arabica Coffee Beans & a drizzle of Belgium chocolate.

Italian Waffle Cookie~ traditional Italian waffle cookies or waffle ice cream cone.   ♣

Ivory Eyelet -  Buttercream, lemon curd, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream.

Jean’s Ghost - Blood red rose petals, Madagascar vanilla, expensive sparkling champagne overflowing her glass, vanilla ice cream flecked with aromatic beans, bright plum and maraschino cherries for Jean Harlow’s ghost.

Jelly Doughnut - Sugar, Fried Dough, Sweet Vanilla, Sweet Strawberry.   ♣

Jingle Berry* –bayberry bushes in a lush forest mingling with a tart and perfectly spiced pomegranate cider. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Kana- represents dexterity, strength and femininity. She scours the fields of cherry blossoms and sweet, fragrant Lychee trees to seek out bad energy. She uses her large katana and bottle of holy water to expel the demons.  holy water, teakwood, Japanese cherry blossom & Lychee fruit.

Lavender Honey Macaroons - French macaroons with wild lavender sprigs blended with pure black vanilla bean and gentle touches of golden tupelo honey.

Lemon Meringue Pie~ Tart and tangy lemon custard with a frothy meringue.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake- Fresh white cake combined with sugared lemon custard then slathered with a generous helping of cream cheese frosting sprinkled with poppy seeds.

Lemon Zest- A refreshing zesty lemon.

Licorice Ribbon Candy - Ebony striped ribbons of pulled sugar infused with Tahitian vanilla pods, aniseed and licorice extracts.   ♣

Linda’s Molten Fudge Cake- (this is for you Linda!)  Rich gourmet dark chocolate fudge cake made for the true chocoholic.

Lipstick Stains - Pale Bourbon Vanilla shocked with sexy red musk, bright red Bulgarian rose petals with lashings of sensual incense.

Lucid Dreaming - The hypnotic yet sultry notes of wormwood, white sandalwood, golden amber, pale musk and cardamom.

Lychee-Rose Macaroons - French almond macaroons created using the best ingredients available: pink tea roses, fresh lychee fruit and whipped buttercream. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Mad Hatter Cookies Noel – Almondy sweet mad hatter, sugar cookies, marshmallow frosting, and Vanilla Bean Noel.

Mad Hatter Tea Cakes- rich almond tea cakes, custard tarts, and a dash of mad hatter sugar.

Marshmallow - Creamy rich whipped marshmallow sugary whiteness. No almond or toasty notes. This is a perfect scent for all vanilla lovers. Excellent for layering. BESTSELLER!

Marshmallow Cake on Mondays * - This scent has it all. It is our bestselling Cake on Mondays scent blended with marshmallow. Do not let the name fool you; this is still a Cake on Mondays scent only a bit softer and sweeter.  The spice note still has a little kick, use caution and do a test patch first.

Marshmallow Cake on Mondays Noel* – Same as Marshmallow Cake on Monday’s but with a splash of Vanilla Bean Noel.

Marshmallow Candy Cane Noel ~ made with marshmallow sugar and vanilla bean noel, it has real spearmint & peppermint oils that give your scalp a teeny tingle when you use it.

Marshmallow Cotton Candy Canes –This is a yummy blend that is not too minty, not too creamy, and not too sweet. It’s the perfect mix of marshmallow sugar, pink cotton candy, candy canes, and a bit of vanilla cream.

Marshmallow Fireside (type) - Toasted vanilla marshmallows over a roaring fire.  An excellent rendition of BBW's version.

Marshmallow Hot Cocoa - A steaming mug of creamy gourmet hot chocolate infused with fresh milk and topped with mounds of homemade marshmallow squares.

Marshmallow Pumpkin - Sweet pumpkin blended with our wonderfully light and airy marshmallow.

Masquerade Ball - Black currant mingles playfully with melodic nuances of wild fig, cassis, black oak, maple leaf and sheathed violet.

Medieval - Raw sugar crystals, white rum, sweet fennel and orange blossom met with dark exotic myrrh.

Mexican Hot Cocoa* - A steaming mug of creamy gourmet hot chocolate infused with fresh milk and stirred with a cinnamon stick.

Midnight Hag - Tart Blackberries, Vanilla Bean Noel, and a splash of Spiritueuse Double Vanilla.

Mint Eyelet~ Buttercream, marshmallow and vanilla bean noel with a hint of mint.  This is a very light minty fragrance.

Mint Hazelnut Cookie -Your secret recipe is everyone’s favorite treat at the annual holiday cookie swap! Toasted hazelnut sugar cookies with a candy cane crumble.

Mocha Ice Cream Sundae - Homemade vanilla bean ice cream infusion. A quick shot of chocolate espresso surrounded by pillows of fluffy whipped cream completes this dreamy fragrance. ♣

Monster In The Walls – Smoky, aged patchouli swirled with sweet agar wood and sparkling aldehydes. ♣

Moonlight Tiare - inspired by the moonlight glimmering through Tahitian night air - where the essence of tiare blossom, lilacs and night blooming jasmine are carried by a gentle ocean breeze. Soft vanilla and ylang anchor the scent giving it a gentle, powdery balance to the soft florals. If you like signature white - this is that type of scent.

Myrtles Plantation - We pay tribute to one of the most haunted locations in the USA - Sweet Magnolia, Pink Crepe Myrtle, soft peach nectar surrounded by sheer vanilla, the unmistakable notes of old books, stairwells and memories of what once was, sugared Tonka bean and oakmoss tempered by a drop of gentle white musk complete this haunting blend.

Nate - Pure vanilla bean, hints of patchouli, sweet amber, orchid and musk.  Very nice fragrance for a man or women.   ♣

Nature's Paintbrush - Beautiful Sugar Maple and Red Maple leaves lit up by the golden afternoon sun are set ablaze in vibrant colors paired with the quiet yet complex notes of chilled cabernet sauvignon and sweet pipe smoke swirling through the crisp air.   ♣

Naughty – CP Black Amber and Spiritueuse Double Vanilla.

Naughty Gingerbread-- Naughty begins with two of our bestselling fragrance oils specially formulated just for CocoaPink: Spiritueuse Double Vanilla and our exclusive triple amber blend that we call “CP Black”.  Then we added a dash of gingerbread and a splash of sugar.  Try not to lick this one off.

Naughty in Pink ~ Naughty peaks of rich buttercream frosting with a twist of Pink.

Naughty Pumpkins – CocoaPink is the best at “sexy foodie scents”. This pumpkin blend demonstrates exactly why. Naughty begins with two of our bestselling fragrance oils specially formulated just for CocoaPink: Spiritueuse Double Vanilla and our exclusive triple amber blend that we call “CP Black”. We then added some of our “Sweet Pumpkin” for a blend that raises the bar for foodie scents to new heights.

Nectarine Blossom & Honey (Jo Malone Type) inspired by the delicious scent of just-ripening nectarines and a taste of refreshing peach sorbet. Mouthwatering nectarine and peach with hints of plum, blackcurrant and vetiver are combined with the sweet warmth of acacia honey in this truly seductive combination.

Netherworld - Sexy, dark leather, crimson wine, bare oak trees, stone, rain and blackened earth.

Night Before Christmas - Delicate Douglas Fir boughs adorned with sparkling festive ornaments warmed by flames of a roaring fireplace while bright candy canes rest next to a plate of vanilla laced sugar cookies set out for Santa's arrival.

November* - The unmistakable scent in the air the moment winter arrives. Pale snowflakes, bitter, cold air, dry vanilla, snow dusted trees, agar-wood, baked apple pie and smokey swirls of crackling tobacco.

Oh Olive (type) - musky floral opens with citrus highlights of fresh lemon and sweet orange. Green herbaceous tones mingle with a fresh fantasy floral accord at the heart of the fragrance, as warm earthy accents add texture. The base is a complex of rich musk sweetened with a hint of vanilla.   ♣

Open Fire - We couldn’t decide whether to roast chestnuts on our open fire or make s’mores, so we chose both! The scent lingering around the perfect winter bonfire: firewood, roasted nuts and the marshmallows we ate before we could put them on our sticks.

Orange Blossom (Jo Malone Type) The scent of clementine leaves in the morning dew sparkles above a heart of orange blossom and water lily, transporting the wearer to a garden oasis.

Orb Weaver - Dried black tea leaves seeped in searing hot water, infused with chilled milk and sweet amber drops of tupelo honey.

Orchard Harvest - Ripe fig drizzled in gooey amber honey, malted milk, swirls of pristine vanilla warmed up beautifully with a soft base of rosewood, oriental woods, CP black and sprinkled with clove. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Painted Forest - Bright leaves flutter swiftly to the ground in the middle of the painted forest in bold hues of yellow, red and orange.  Dried maple and oak leaves lightly accented with a natural blend of rosewood, teak, oakmoss, vetiver, blades of grass touched with a soft nuance of cool dirt.

Peppermint Bark - Our version of everyone’s favorite chocolaty wintertime treat: traditional white chocolate peppermint bark, but sprinkled with crushed almonds.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa – A steaming mug of creamy hot chocolate infused with a peppermint stick.

Peppermint Ribbon Candy - Glossy blue and white ribbons of pulled sugar flavored with delicate mixed berries and a drop of the finest peppermint extract.

Peppermint Snow Angels~ A twist of peppermint, creamy white chocolate, buttercream frosting, spiritueuse double vanilla and a splash of CP black.

Perfect Pumpkin* ~ This is just like a fresh pumpkin pie straight out of the oven. This is our spicy pumpkin scent. May cause irritation due to the spice notes.

Phantom Kiss - A pinch of black sea salt accented with hints of mysterious clary sage, rice flower, crackling firewood embers touched by single drop of Oud.

Pink Agave Stiletto -A melody of Tart Pinks and Fresh Green Agave Cactus. Pink pucker-worthy sour notes are softened by cotton candy, and the whole thing is balanced by the earthy/herbal agave cactus scent.

Pink Bonfire – The delicious aroma of Pink Sugar mingling with the sweet presence of bonfire smoke and burning leaves.

Pink Dragon - CP's Candyfloss softened with sweet, buttery, sugar cookies, vanilla cream and whipped peaks of marshmallow sugar.

Pink Patchouli – Sweet aged patchouli blended with pink sugar in this haunting blend.

Pink Pepper Candy Canes - Girly and sweet with a subtly spicy zing! Candy canes infused with Pink Sugar and dusted with just a pinch of ground pink peppercorns.

Pink Snowflakes - Sparkling mounds of fluffy almond icing snow accented with a soft dusting of pink sugar.

Pink Sugar Noel - Vanilla Bean Noel with a splash of pink sugar.

Poison Caramel Apple - Toasted caramel sugar and juicy red apples slapped with a naughty helping of dreamy vanilla musk.    ♣

Potluck - Our favorite holiday tradition! The smell of a Southern family’s Christmas dinner: true Southern-style cornbread set out next to our honeyed, buttered oatcakes and warm zucchini bread.   ♣

Prada Candy (Type) -caramel, musks, vanilla & benzoin.  A pretty good dupe of the original.

Prudence- Her beasts only come out during the full moon. She awaits them prepared with a basket full of fragrant strawberry shortcake and plenty of rounds of pure silver ammunition.  shortbread, sugar cookie, strawberry and wolf fur.

Pumpkin Biscotti - Italian Biscotti crafted with sweet yet gently spiced pumpkin puree dotted with delicious freshly chopped walnuts and accented with just a touch of VBN.

Pumpkin Buttercream Frosting - Sweet pumpkin blended with our famous butter cream frosting.

Pumpkin Cake on Mondays* -Sweet pumpkin blended with our super popular Cake on Monday’s scent.

Pumpkin Chai Tea* - Wrap your hands around a cup of Pumpkin Chai Tea infused with swirls of fresh vanilla, creamed honey and pumpkin, it will not only warm the body but also your soul.

Pumpkin Fried Ice Cream - Sweet creamy pumpkin swirled into decadent scoops of fried ice cream and pale vanilla ice cream flecked with aromatic vanilla beans.

Pumpkin Hello Sugar! - Sweet pumpkin blended with our Hello Sugar scent!

Pumpkin Kiss - Pumpkin flesh, soft bourbon vanilla, white and brown sugars kissed softly with pure cocoa absolute.

Pumpkin Noel* - Sweet pumpkin blended with our best-selling vanilla bean noel.     

Pumpkin Oatmeal Stout~ Ethereal  dollops of whipped cream resting softly in a mug filled to the brim with warmed oatmeal stout that has been painstakingly home brewed with sweet pumpkin puree and perfect spiced pumpkin.

Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake - A sugared maple pecan pear glaze drizzled over a New York style pumpkin cheesecake.

Pumpkin Pie Spectacular—Sweet Pumpkin blended with gingersnaps, pecans, cinnamon and a sprinkling of sugar.  It is spectacular!

Pumpkin Porridge - A bowl filled to the brim with aromatic warm maple oats drizzled with pure golden clover honey, a pinch of muscovado sugar all topped with a dollop of sugared pumpkin puree.

Pumpkin Spice Latte* - Sweet warm pumpkin swirled within rich espresso topped with fluffy, vanilla infused steamed milk and a pinch of spice. New & improved version!

Pumpkin Spider Cider*–Sweet pumpkin pulp infused into apple cider fresh from the orchard spiked with sanguine drops of tart cranberry juice.

Pumpkin Waffle Delight - Pumpkin infused buttermilk waffles and creamy cake batter ice cream sprinkled with dark brown sugar coated pecans.

Purple Goblin - Blackberry wine, dried birch leaves, complex vetiver, and caramel tinged with just a slight hint of chipotle.

Rainbow Candy Canes - Rows of shimmering candy canes swirled with rainbow stripes and flavored with plump juicy blackberries, succulent raspberries, sugared lemons and limes, Satsuma oranges, marshmallow fluff, ribbons of vanilla bean noel & peppermint infused sugar cane.

Rebellion - Sensual pomegranate infused with fresh picked blackberries, bergamot, smoky vanilla bean, vetiver, dried pinecones, injected with intoxicating hints of delicate white carnation.

Run For Your Life - The air is heavy and dark, fear overcomes every inch of your body because you know danger is around you but you cannot see it. Notes of the crisp autumn air at night, damp fall leaves scattered about, blackened vanilla, woods and delicate wisps of burning leaves.

Samhain - Ancient oak trees cloaked in blankets of oakmoss with dying crimson leaves at their base surround the haunted cabin. Apparitions form and disappear in the blink of an eye and the delicate yet earthy notes of sheer vanilla, aged patchouli, fresh dirt, neroli, dried rose petals and misty white musk are all that remains.

Santa’s Workshop – All the wonderful scents you might find in Santa’s workshop. Candy canes and chocolates mingle with freshly sanded wooden toys and swirls of tobacco from Santa’s pipe.

Santa's Cookies - Vanilla Bean Noel, Sugar Cookies, Marshmallow Sugar, and a splash of Harajuku Banana.

Satsuma Orange - A blend of guava and oranges.

Scarecrow - Warm notes of pumpkin accented with vibrant autumn leaves, birch trees, apple butter combined with purple sage surround the old scarecrow with his pumpkin head, dressed in a sun-faded plaid shirt and worn jeans overstuffed with golden hay.

Sensory Deprivation Tank - Pale liquid vanilla infused with nuances of smoldering Tonka bean, calming milk, white oud and wood smoke.

Shampure (type) - Coriander oil, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Bergamot with the sweet seductive aroma of Ylang ylang.

Sigh - Whispers of sweet, European lavender and weeping apple blossoms cuddled in pillows of marshmallow clouds and vanilla cream.

Signature White- a blend of delicate shea blossoms, rice flowers, vanilla cream, sweet sugar and heliotrope with delicate undertones of amber and sandalwood.   ♣

Sinful Cronuts - Just like the real thing, sinful and impossible to resist. Piping hot cronuts drizzled with a delicate white chocolate glaze decorated lovingly with orange and purple sprinkles. This fragrance is so accurate it's scary!   ♣

Sinful Indulgence* - Warm cinnamon rolls blended with the soft creamy fragrance of goat milk and honey brightened with a single drop of orange juice.

Sinister - Dried black tea, raw honey, blonde tobacco, bergamot, white sandalwood, cypress, aged patchouli accompanied by a sinister drop of Oud.

Sleigh Ride – Dashing through the snow on a wooden sleigh, passing by frozen mulberry bushes; Finally, coming to a halt at the bottom of the slope where pipe smoke lingers in the winter air.   ♣

Smashed Pumpkins - The scent of decorated pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns strewn about smashed to pieces by mischievous children on Hallows Eve: Raw pumpkin flesh, pumpkin pulp, fresh crimson apples dripping with warm caramel, steaming hot buttered rum and sticky melted marshmallows.

Snow Flurries - Frosty swirls of Boo Boo Lemon Noel, fresh fallen snow, homemade marshmallows softly blended with bubbling champagne mingling amongst sweet drops of French lavender extract.

Snowflakes - Sparkling mounds of fluffy almond icing snow dusted with soft white sugars.

Soda (Fresh Type) - sparkling, clean air scent that will leave you feeling energized and smelling wonderful. It's a little citrus, a little tea, and a lot of fresh soda water. UNISEX

Something Wicked - Tart Cranberries, Sweet Ripe Blackberries, Crushed Raspberries, and one lone Strawberry that tried to get away.

Spell Caster - Glowing amber essential oil wraps gently around notes of sticky golden honey, freshly picked mulberries and finished on a warm magical base of myrrh.

Spicebomb (type)- Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cinnamon Leaf, Pink Pepper, Lavandin, Chilli, Saffron, Elemi, Vetiver, Balsam Fir, Tobacco Accord, White Leather Accord.

Spiritueuse Double Vanilla - Based on Guerlain's famous vanilla. This duplication is high quality and made with notes of pure vanilla, real benzoin extract, frankincense, spices, cedar, pink pepper, bergamot, and ylang-ylang.

Spun Sugar – A more realistic cotton candy blend with fresh strawberry, sugar and sweet vanilla. ♣

Stanley Hotel - The unmistakable perfume of roses fills the room and the piano plays by itself… many people reported Flora Stanley the wife of the man who built this hotel over 100 years ago haunts her hotel today. Enrobed with the ghostly notes of translucent white rose petals, pink tea roses, sparkling white sugar crystals, soft nuances of pale honey infused earl grey tea with cream and sugar spiked with sensual black vanilla, sexy blood red musk grounded with just a pinch of white sandalwood.

Stingy Jack - The man behind the inspiration for the Jack O Lantern in Irish folklore comes alive in this blend showcasing notes of freshly carved Jack O Lanterns, sticky honey, mysterious black vanilla, nag champa, aged patchouli and amber.

Strawberries & Champagne ~ A glass of bubbly topped with a fresh strawberry slice rolled in sugar crystals.

Strawberry Cheesecake-- The aroma of rich, creamy cheesecake and a graham cracker crust with strawberry topping.

Strawberry Noel – it just keeps getting better. A perfectly balanced fresh strawberry that smells like real berries (not plasticy bubblegum strawberry), blended with VBN.

Strawberry Ribbon Candies - Red and white striped ribbons of pulled sugar, with hints of delicate mixed berries and candied wild strawberries.   ♣

Sugar Cookies – Old fashioned sugar cookies, buttery baked goodies. No cinnamon notes in this one.

Sugared Violets -  Blue Violet petals dipped in sparkling white sugar crystals.

Summer's Last Breath - The gentle yet sweet aroma signaling of the beginning of fall and the end of summer:  Bay rum, orange pulp, white sandalwood and a soft hint of yellow chili peppers.

Sun Dried Cotton - Fresh notes of lemon, mandarin and cotton blossom with nuances of ylang-ylang and rose.

Sun Kissed Clouds - Blood orange and Satsuma juice raining atop fluffy marshmallow clouds.

Sweet Dreams- Spoonful’s of lemon sugar, hypnotic French lavender oil, German chamomile, relaxing neroli & sweet lily of the valley make up this ultra-calming blend.   ♣

Sweet Potato Souffle* - Golden sweet potato, soft brown sugar, spices, condensed milk, and rich sweet vanilla extract spiked with a gentle drop of creamy coconut milk finished off with fluffy billows of partially melted marshmallows topped with chopped walnuts.

Sweet Pumpkin - We asked them to make us a sweet pumpkin - one that is not overpowered by spice notes, but is well balanced and simply YUMMY. They sent us just that. Sweet pumpkin puree!

Sweet Sours  - Grapefruit sugar, pink sugar, and lemon sugar whipped with super sweet cotton candy.

Tahitian Monoi Cake - Vanilla cake batter injected with candied citrus, moist white cake smothered in whipped buttercream icing touched with nuances of Polynesian Monoi oil.

Telekinetic - Mysterious star jasmine, paperwhites, Italian bergamot, white wild rose, sensual balsam, fresh tobacco leaves, spicy pink peppercorn shocked with an ambergris accord.

The Un-Red - This blend would make any vampire or other undead creature stalk your bathroom. Buckets of bloody orange juice, sweet vanilla, bourbon vanilla, sandalwoods and ambers. Hide this one well or you will find it missing by morning.

The Upside-Down - Blackness surrounds you and no one truly knows what is lurking in the darkness.  Black vanilla orchid and vanilla bean saturated with oud with just a hint of something that chills you to the bone.  ♣

Thrill Ride~ Just as thrilling as a coaster ride, you will be delighted with this delicious treat!  Tasty candied apples, pink sugar spun cotton candy and mouth-watering funnel cake sprinkled with powdered sugar.  You will never want to get off this coaster!

Tihota (Indult type) -essence of pure, unadulterated sugared vanilla beans with a soft hint of musk.

Toffee Apple Crunch~ The aroma of granny smith apples with creamy, buttery caramel; dipped in crunchy toffee chips.

Tres Leches Cake- farm-fresh milk, scalded to culinary perfection, and rich cream cheese icing. A deep, comforting milky scent. Not too sweet.

Triple Vanilla Dream - Our Spiritueuse Double Vanilla blended carefully with the beloved Tihota fragrance creates a unique yet dreamy long lasting vanilla scent that has been a top requested favorite of our customers.

Twinkies -A wonderful rich pound cake with loaded with heavy cream.

Twist of Lime Noel – Twist of lime blended with VBN.

Union Hotel - Flemington NJ's most haunted location, once a bustling hotel in the early 1900's with classy bar and restaurant has now been shut down and abandoned, many people have experienced apparitions who have explored its decaying interior since.  Mugs filled with steaming hot buttered rum tinged red with blood oranges, sliced of rum raisin cake drizzled with brown sugar, maple, butterscotch and caramel with haunting notes of aged polished oak banisters and sparkling amber.

Vampire's Lament - Luscious strawberry milkshake essence spiked with white amber, metallic white musk then finished off with a splash of creamy vanilla.

Vaniglia del Madagascar (Type) - Rich and deep vanilla orchid and vanilla bourbon scent.  Formally Bourbon Vanilla.

Vanilla Bean Nectarine - Tangy orange and nectarines balanced by smooth vanilla and creamy coconut.

Vanilla Bean Noel - Fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel and rich, comforting cream create this deliciously sweet holiday scent.  Caramel, sugar, vanilla, tonka bean and white musk.   This is our #1 bestselling fragrance.

Vanilla Mint~ Six scrumptious vanillas blended with sugary sweet peppermint for the ultimate mint lover’s dream.

Vanilla On The Rocks - A rich buttery vanilla.

Vanilla Pear - Juicy and fresh D'Anjou pears drizzled lovingly with a vanilla bean speckled cream.

Vanilla Rose - Bulgarian white rose petals caressed with pale cream infused with decadent vanilla and softly sprinkled with sugar crystals topping fluffy white squares of angel food cake.

Vanille Abricot (Type) - Jackfruit, apricot, papaya and sweet vanilla.

Vanishing - Ripe pomegranate infused wine, 5 fold orange, sticky maple sap, aged bourbon whiskey.

Venetian Waltz - Crystal chandeliers light up the ballroom as haunting music echoes soulfully in your ears. The man behind the jaded mask grabs your hand softly kissing it leading you to dance although his identity remains a mystery. This scent embodies the distinct aroma of molasses cookies, candied ginger pieces, gently spiced pumpkin souffle drizzled with burnt sugar crystals in delicate black ramekins.

Victorian Forest- The serene landscape of snow-laden pine trees where a single chrysanthemum begins to wilt, while, whispers of candy canes and sweet vanilla waft through the forest.   ♣

Vintage Halloween – Dried, black tea leaves, black vanilla, vanilla orchid, sticky benzoin, southern oakmoss tinged with a hint of white sage.

Violet Pixie Dust~ Violets dipped in a sugary concoction of  berries, plums, pears, strawberries and a hint of citrus sprinkled with sweet sugar crystals.

Violet Pound Cake - Fresh baked pound cake squares sprinkled with wild candied violet petals then softly dusted with confectioners’ sugar.

Voodoo Berry— A berrylicious fruit juicy fragrance. Aside from the multitude of berries, it has notes of peach, cherries, orange, grape and more.

Warm Mittens – This fragrance evokes the memory of sitting around a campfire, holding a steamy mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows while wearing the woolliest, warmest pair of mittens.

Wedding Cake - sweet, creamy vanilla with hints of sweet buttery notes blended throughout.

White Bonfire - Ghostly white birch trees and cedar wood surround a blazing fire fueled by freshly chopped firewood accented by delicate hints of chilly ozone tinged mint.   ♣ LIMITED AVAILABILITY

White Chocolate Strawberries ~ A decadent blend of strawberries, white chocolate and  buttercream turned up a notch with a sexy vanilla.

White Chocolate-Covered pretzels - The first treat to disappear from the plate at your holiday party: homemade pretzels dipped in fresh, creamy white chocolate and rolled in rainbow sprinkles. The perfect combination of salty and sweet.

White Jasmine Mint (Jo Malone Type)- This enchanting essence, inspired by a sun-drenched morning in an English country garden, perfectly captures the scent of jasmine, lily, orange flower and rose on the morning breeze. An unexpected twist of soft and sensual wild mint stimulates the senses and teases the palette in this elegant and eccentric fragrance.

White Pumpkin – Mad Hatter Tea Cakes with Pumpkin Frosting! If you like soft, almondy cookies with a twist, you will love this scent!

White Sugar - Marshmallow, Vanilla Cream, Sugar Cookies, a drop of Pink Sugar.

White Tea—blend of soothing white tea.

White Truffle Cake Pops – Buttery bites of luscious white cake coated in a layer of white chocolate ganache and finished with a drizzle of raspberry syrup and a sprinkle of chopped nuts. These delicious treats were left for old St. Nick on the fireplace mantle.   ♣

White Veil - Crushed black vanilla bean soaked in white rum, cocoa absolute, red rose petals, white peppercorn, nutmeg.

Wicked Desserts - Crisp Macintosh apples picked fresh from the orchard combine with pumpkin then swirled with heavenly whipped buttercream icing for a to-die-for fall treat.

Wicked Pumpkin~ Juicy fruits of cranberry, strawberry, blackberry and raspberry blended with sweet pumpkin puree.

Wildberry Cobbler - Freshly picked wildberries baked into a delicious warm cobbler topped with a generous dusting of confectioners sugar complete with a heaping scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Winchester House Kitchen - The distinct aroma of autumn in the Winchester house kitchen with notes of aged oak, fresh baked pumpkin pie, 5 fold orange essential oil coated in the warm essence of light muscovado sugar, fresh ginger, sticky gobs of benzoin, warm buttery caramel simmering on the stovetop and just the barest hint of clove. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Winter’s Day— outdoors on a winter day.  Begins with top notes of bergamot, orange and lemon; middle notes of geranium, lily and rose; and base notes of patchouli, vetiver and tonka beans.   ♣

Winter’s Night–Woodsy smell of a winter’s night in the country.  Blended with tangy fruits, pines and a warm, smoky scent.   ♣

Witchcraft - Her perfume smells like burning leaves.  Every day is Halloween.

Witches Cottage - In an obscure overgrown clearing lays the witch's cottage shrouded in mystery and darkness hidden from human eyes. Pale Calla lily, wild blackberries, orange, October blooming osmanthus, oak, Indian sandalwood and patchouli softened by trickles of amber.

Witches' Delight - Brimming with the true olfactory essence of the fall season! Soft buttery vanilla cookies dusted with orange and black sugar, fresh cranberries, blood orange oil, dark brown sugar, Turkish mocha whipped with shards of bitter almond, roasted hazelnuts tempered with a cool blast of iced vanilla.

Zombie Apocalypse - Dark empty musk infected with lashes of black vanilla, petitgrain essential oil, magnolia flowers, jasmine sambac with the empty remains of vanilla sandalwood.



. ♣ - denotes Phthalate Free


* - denotes spice notes, please do a test patch before using and not well suited for in shower products, shampoos or conditioners.


- denotes scents made exclusively for CocoaPink by our perfumer

- denotes blends made exclusively by CocoaPink