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Voluptuous Body Butter

Voluptuous Body Butter

Price: $8.25

The carefully chosen combination of vitamin-rich oils in our Voluptuous Body Butter formula imparts a non-greasy texture that last all day. Voluptuous Body Butter contains over 30% organic refined shea butter, and a cornucopia of highest-quality luxury oils that are packed with healing properties.  Available in 2.75 net weight & 4.75 net weight jars.

All our body butters use 100% plant-based biodegradable emulsifiers and are silicone and paraben free. Voluptuous Body Butter is rich and creamy, and feels incredible.

  • Contains Babassu, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado, Meadowfoam, and Calendula
  • 100% VEGAN - we make all our products ourselves.


Allergy Notice:
*Shea contains natural latex
*This product contains nut oils

Ingredients: Water, organic shea butter, babassu oil, avocado oil, rice bran oil, meadowfoam oil, polyglyceryl distearate, calendula oil, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, aloe extract, vitamin E, fragrance, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: LeeAnne Morrow
    I purchased this in Eva's Ambrosia and it is a hit.
    I am definately drawn to the citrus scents and this body butter is super fresh. I'm so glad I got the larger size.
  • Author: Runa Marie Lifjeld
    This is the first cocoapink product I tried, and I instantly fell in love - and filled my shopping cart. I bought this body butter in Marshmallow Candycane Noel. I'm so satisfied with this product! It's smooth, easy to aply and unlike any other body butter I've used, it's not too sticky and it doesn't have the consistency of butter that's been too long in the fridge. What's not to love?
  • Author: Renee White
    This is one of my top favorite body creams ever, ever. I have it in Come Hither, and it smells so good. It is so thick and rich, but not at all greasy. It is almost feels like a cushion in the jar, and on your skin, if that makes sense. My husband asked me the other day if I could make some cupcakes with it, b/c it smelled so good, and was making him hungry. I guess Come Hither works, but thats another subject..lol.
  • Author: Emerald
    I definitely agree with the other reviewer that said it feels like a cusion in a tub (when you try to dip your fingers in). I like to compare the consistency to softened cream cheese (just because I'm a big foodie, and often find myself comparing stuff to food. lol). The first time I ordered this, I bought it in the scent "Sigh", and loved it. Very comforting, lounge-about-the-house scent. The scent carried well into this product and got slightly stronger after curing for a week or two. This is really moisturizing and perfect for the cold weather months. It's smooth, rich, and thick, and my skin loves it (as it does the CMBB)! Definitely a must-have for those with parched skin.
  • Author: Jeanine Hermida
    This is my new favorite body butter. It has a thick, luxurious consistency with no base smell that I can detect. The fragrance you choose is strong enough to last on the skin but not overpowering. It really helps to moisturize and make skin smooth without being greasy or uncomfortable. It is quick absorbing and a joy to use after a good scrub in the shower.
  • Author: Soheyla
    I tried this before from a friend, and I got the Lavender Macaroon Honey (I think thats it) as a sample, and this body butter is AMAZING!!!! It is VERY moisturizing, not sticky, and smells awesome! A must-have for anyone!
  • Author: Lori Knowles
    This body butter is THE best. It's very moisturizing and never sticky or greasy and the scent..... just wonderful. I use this after getting out of the shower and it leaves my skin so soft and the scent lingers. I gravitate towards vanilla scents and love Come Hither and Spiritueuse Double Vanilla so far are my favs. I work in the medical field and wash my hands a ton during the day and my hands were so dry until I started using this body butter. I really love this!!
  • Author: Sarah M.
    As a sufferer of severe psoriasis, I have a really difficult time finding lotions that soothe my itchy, dry skin. I was sent a sample of the voluptuous body butter and and it's amazing!! Not only does it smell great, but it's incredibly moisturizing without being greasy. I foresee myself with many, many tubs of Voluptuous Body Butter in all sorts of scents!
  • Author: Carrissa Patraw
    I got the mango butter as a sample I loved it but I ordered this by happy mistake and love it even more! I had sensitive skin and have not had any reaction to use which is so great! And oh man then scent Im in love with so many.
  • Author: Jenny B
    I figured body butter was body butter and didn’t give these a second thought until the fine folks of CP sent me a sample. Not only are the scents amazing, but the butter itself is super soothing. I have excema flare ups occasionally around my elbow and I noticed an immediate difference after using it just once. Less redness and itchiness. My skin is much softer too. Never greasy!
  • Author: michelle
    This was part of my very first order. I absolutely love the formula. A little goes a long way and it was very moisturizing. I ordered it in the scent Vanilla Bean Noel, and although I like the formula, I was a little let down by the scent. I'm not sure if it was my body chemistry, but it smells nothing like Vanilla Bean Noel (from Bath and Body Works, as I was really hoping to find a yr round dupe!). It smelled smokey like incense to me for some reason. Besides the scent, I do like this body butter a lot, just need to find a better scent.
  • Author: Stephanie
    I absolutely love this body butter! The formula is luxuriously moisturizing and provides long-lasting scent. I currently have it in Strawberry Noel, Cinderella's Carriage, Black Noel, and Paper Butterfly.
  • Author: Melissa W.
    I usually hate body butters, but I LOVE this formula. Initially received it as a free sample (probably wouldn't have tried it otherwise), and am so thankful. Bought a full size with my subsequent order, and have been enjoying it ever since. It absorbs well, is thick, but isn't greasy, and is one of the very few things that can smooth out my hands and elbows when they get terribly dry and flaky. (Mine's scented in Country Kitchen. Nomnom.)