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Linen Spray

Linen Spray

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This is a great little bottle of fragrant fun! Use it on your linens, use it as a room atmospheric spray, use it as a hair or body mist. It can be used for just about anywhere you need a burst of fragrance.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Caprylic/ Capric Glycerides, Polyglycerol-6 Dioleate, Glyceryl Caprylate/ Caprate, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol. *do a test patch before spraying on fine fabrics or linens.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: MInxMarzipan
    I LOVE this! This is wonderful product. I use it in my hair and it doesn't
    leave it sticky. I also use it on my sheets at night. Great way to sample a scent too! One of my favorite new addictions!
  • Author: Emerald
    Love the Linen Spray! I have a ton of them (because it's such a great way to try out the many different scents CP has listed)! I mostly use it as a body and hair mist, but occasionally use it for what it was named for...occasionally. :) The scent is pretty long lasting on me and is strong. I always take one with me when I travel!
  • Author: Jeanine Hermida
    This is a fabulous and affordable way to try a lot of scents! You can use this in your hair, as a body mist or as a room spray. Scent is lighter in these than the perfumes of course, but it still lingers for a while. I've started collecting these because I love them so much!
  • Author: A. Dery
    I love these as linen sprays, they are the perfect strength for that use- not overpowering, but they linger.
  • Author: Michelle Horgan
    This is fantastic!!! I have it in Black Kittens, Black Apple Noel, Black Noel and every time I use this I get complemented. The scent lasts a long time, isn't overpowering. I will definatley be reordering.
  • Author: Irene Diaz
    Love this so much! Delicious scents to explore... Great for skin, hair and linen. Always buy a bunch of them. Great addition to my collection of scents. The best!!
  • Author: Sarah M.
    I spritz my pillow with this every night before I go to sleep and if I don't wash my hair in the morning my hair smells delicious all day. It's by far the most potent and long lasting linen spray I've ever tried. I love it!
  • Author: Kathy Tyler
    I got a Witches Cottage smell from a gal that works with my husband at his shop, and I love it! Used it in the bathroom after people would go in and make a stinky, and it worked great to eliminate the smell. Also spray after our cat has a really stinky little deposit in his litter box, and it makes the bad smell go away. Used in our bedroom after dogs sleep in our bedroom all night and it gets kind of a dog funk smell and it worked great for that too. I just ran out of it and I'm going to order more, but get the biggest size so it'll last longer. So many uses for this. :) So glad I was introduced to this great product!
  • Author: Maria Sebelist
    This is my favorite fragrance formula. I love spraying it in my hair-- you can smell it ALL DAY!
  • Author: Karen C
    Love to spray this on my hair!!! The smell lasts and it does not make my hair oily.
  • Author: Jenny B
    I love the linen sprays. It’s my favorite way to try a scent. If I don’t like it on my body or hair I can use it so many other places. These have great longevity too. Love, love, LOVE!
  • Author: Jodi Anderson
    I absolutely adore this linen spray. Excellent throw and longevity. I've tried atmos from other companies, but I always come back to Cocoa Pink for the best quality.
  • Author: Jennifer Sieminski
    All of the 7 scents i've tried so far are amazing! I mainly use them on my clothes but I also use some scents on my bed for a long lasting scent! I'm addicted and can't wait to try more scents.