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Fall & Winter 2017

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Apricot Eyelet - Juicy golden apricots swirled with our heavenly Frosted Eyelet (buttercream, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream).  A bestseller from our black Friday sale!

Baby, it’s Cold Outside - A cozy holiday evening at home by the fire: the scent of oven-fresh blackberry-caramel streusel mingles with the subtle aroma of smoke from the fireplace and your favorite vanilla perfume.

Banana Coconut Cloud Pie - Harajuku Bananas, Coconut Cream Pie, Coconut Milk, Marshmallow Sugar, Vanilla Pudding, and crushed Vanilla Wafers for the crust.

Bing Cherry Coconut Frosting - Rich black cherries soaked in vanilla extract then whipped in creamy coconut milk and buttercream frosting.

Black Apple Noel  -  CP Black, juicy Golden Delicious apples smothered  in a mouthwatering sticky sweet caramel coating and rounded out with ghostly ribbons of vanilla bean noel.

Black Bananas – Harajuku Banana & CP Black.

Black Berry Bliss – CP Black, Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, and Cranberries.

Black Blood ~ is a blend of blood orange EO, Mysore sandalwood, and amber resin.

Black Cherry Upside Down Cake - White cake and pound cake batter blended together baked to perfection then topped with mounds of marshmallow fluff frosting and finished off with juicy wild black cherries.

Black Chocolate Raspberries ~ Fresh, juicy raspberries coated in a layer of rich dark chocolate with a hint of seduction.

Black Kittens ~ Black, Boo Boo Lemon Noel, a drop of Egyptian Musk.

Blackberry Cotton Candy Frosting - Cotton candy frosting, moist yellow cake sprinkled with juicy ripe blackberries.    ♣

Blackberry Sugar - Blackberry, Sugar Whipped Cotton Candy, and a splash of Candy floss.

Blackberry Tea - Ceylon black tea spiked with sweet Italian lavender, aromatic German chamomile, soft whispers of blackberry juice all held together with a drop of Myrrh.

Blushing Snow Angels- A creamy pomegranate blend that couples red pomegranates and CP’s blush with creamy white chocolate, buttercream, spiritueuse double vanilla and just a splash of our black amber.

Bobbing For Apples - Orchard peaches, Honey Crisp apples, glowing Jack O' lanterns, pumpkin flesh, and layers of creamy vanilla with just a touch of the warm patchouli fragrance of Witch's Brew.

Boo Boo Lemon Noel - Lemon Curd and Vanilla Bean Noel.  It's a wonderful creamy lemon scent.

Boogie man- Gooey black raspberry gumdrops rolled in sweet sugar crystals. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Cake Monster-- Cousin to the Cookie Monster, Mr. Cake's favorite is a syrupy-sweet vanilla cake drizzled in a candied lemon glaze.

Candy Apple (Type)~ Similar to BBW famous winter candy apples, with a bit more sweet apple scent.

Candy Coated Clowns--  A rainbow of fruit punch encapsulated in a thick cotton candy coating.

Cauldron Bubbles - Squashed Blackberries mixed into a potion of Sweet Sugary Cotton Candy, Pounds of Marshmallows, Cupcake Batter, Buttery Frosting.

Champagne Sugar - sweet fruity notes of white berries and fruits, spun sugar, hints of ginger and bubbly champagne.

Cherry Almond Tart~ A flaky buttery crust filled with mouthwatering cherries laced with almonds.

Cherry Cola Float – A frosted glass filled with ice cold cherry cola with waves of sliced wild black cherries and vanilla bean ice cream.

Coconut Key Lime- Fresh coconut milk and key lime juice warmed with soft hints of vanilla verbena.

Coeur de Vahine -  soft and feminine, complex yet not overbearing -Notes of bergamot, orange, peach and passion fruit; with middle notes of cinnamon, rose, jasmine, Tahitian Opuhi petals; ending on dry notes of sandalwood, vanilla pods and musk. This is a wonderful general purpose scent.

Cotton Candy Dreams - Raspberry cotton candy frosting whipped together to perfection with our popular Triple Vanilla Dream fragrance.

Cranberry - Tart yet sweet - the perfectly balanced cranberry.

Cranberry Eyelet~ Just like our Ivory Eyelet but with Cranberry!  Buttercream, Cranberry, Marshmallow, Vanilla Ice Cream.

Cranberry Lime~  We took a little Lime and we dropped it in the cranberry!  Fabulous…

Cranberry Noel ~ another favorite is back again. CP’s exclusive tart cranberry with no spice notes, sweetened with VBN.

Crimson Pear Tarts - Placed neatly in pie crust lined ramekins, this heavenly desert is sure to please and smells just like the real thing! Vibrant crimson caramelized Bartlett pears coated in dark muscovado sugar, maple butter drizzled with fresh golden tupelo honey and natural vanilla cream.   ♣

Dracula- What does Dracula love more than blood?  Blood Oranges of course!  Thick slices of juicy blood oranges covered in rich, dark chocolate.

Eleven - Serene, creamy white vanillas, wild crimson rose petals, a delicate whisper of blue pine needles with something darker lurking just beneath the surface.

Enchanted - Mango leaves, star fruit, and other sweet tropical fruits balanced with a wisp of verbena and lime blossoms. This is just the right balance of sweet, fresh and floral.

Eva's Ambrosia ~ Our lovely customer Eva came up with this mouthwatering blend of Sweet Sours, Lime Sugar, Satsuma Guava, Blood Orange & Boo Boo Lemon Noel.  It is a must try!

Fear of Spiders (Arachnophobia) – Dragon’s blood resin, the memorable scent of fine pipe tobacco, chopped bundles of firewood, fragrant sprigs of wormwood and bright scarlet apples.   ♣

Fresh Strawberry - Very lightly scented in fresh strawberries - a well-balanced, not too sweet, not too jolly rancher strawberry scent.   ♣

Full Moon - Blackberry, Coconut Milk, Marshmallows, White Chocolate.

Ghost Train Of Gettysburg - Faint memories of gun powder, ghostly vanilla mists blended with the distinct scents of pipe tobacco, overgrown grass, cold dirt, rusted metal, blackberries from a nearby wild blackberry bush, giant oak trees creaking softly in the breeze.

Grapefruit Sugar~ Tart, fresh grapefruit with a hint of sugary sweetness. Good unisex scent.

Green Apple Noel - Sweet, juicy crisp granny smith apples with lashings of vanilla bean noel.

Halloween Apple Harvest - 3 favorite fall treats all wrapped into one mouthwatering fragrance. Sugared candy apples, gooey caramel apples and Toffee smothered Gala apples all decorated with candy corn.

Halloween in Dublin – Flake pipe tobacco blended with deep bourbon vanilla and ghost white rainier cherries.

Halloween Night -  Honeycrisp apples coated in buttery melted caramel, bourbon vanilla, crumbles of muscavado sugar, white sugar and candy corn.

Harajuko Bananas - Strong, rich, and sweet. Banana notes are made more complex with hints of black currant, caramel, raspberry, and vanilla. Yummy, strong, and perfect for anyone wanting more than plain bananas.

Harvest Cider Cake - Sinful carrot cake batter blended with smooth apple cider, baked lovingly until just right, then topped with mounds of fluffy cream cheese frosting.

Haunted Forest - Deep, woodsy yet complex and mysterious. Top notes of dark pomegranate juice sharpened with sweet lemon sugar crystals, cracked Indian teakwood and shards of pure West Indian sandalwood at the base.

Holiday Lights - The exotic blend of luscious pomegranate sorbet and delicious vanilla custard swirled together and topped with sugared plums.

Hunter’s Moon—we started with fresh fruits of pears, blueberries and pineapple then added some juniper and eucalyptus and a few splashes of Douglass fir, cedar and white musk.   ♣

Ivory Eyelet -  Buttercream, lemon curd, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream.

Jean’s Ghost - Blood red rose petals, Madagascar vanilla, expensive sparkling champagne overflowing her glass, vanilla ice cream flecked with aromatic beans, bright plum and maraschino cherries for Jean Harlow’s ghost.

Jingle Berry –bayberry bushes in a lush forest mingling with a tart and perfectly spiced pomegranate cider. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Kana- represents dexterity, strength and femininity. She scours the fields of cherry blossoms and sweet, fragrant Lychee trees to seek out bad energy. She uses her large katana and bottle of holy water to expel the demons.  holy water, teakwood, Japanese cherry blossom & Lychee fruit.

Lemon Meringue Pie~ Tart and tangy lemon custard with a frothy meringue.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake- Fresh white cake combined with sugared lemon custard then slathered with a generous helping of cream cheese frosting sprinkled with
poppy seeds.

Lemon Zest- A refreshing zesty lemon.

Masquerade Ball - Black currant mingles playfully with melodic nuances of wild fig, cassis, black oak, maple leaf and sheathed violet.

Midnight Hag - Tart Blackberries, Vanilla Bean Noel, and a splash of Spiritueuse Double Vanilla.

Naughty Bananas - Spiritueuse Double Vanilla, CP Black Amber, and Harajuku Bananas.

Pink Agave Stiletto -A melody of Tart Pinks and Fresh Green Agave Cactus. Pink pucker-worthy sour notes are softened by cotton candy, and the whole thing is balanced by the earthy/herbal agave cactus scent.

Poison Caramel Apple - Toasted caramel sugar and juicy red apples slapped with a naughty helping of dreamy vanilla musk.    ♣

Rainbow Candy Canes - Rows of shimmering candy canes swirled with rainbow stripes and flavored with plump juicy blackberries, succulent raspberries, sugared lemons and limes, Satsuma oranges, marshmallow fluff, ribbons of vanilla bean noel & peppermint infused sugar cane.

Rebellion - Sensual pomegranate infused with fresh picked blackberries, bergamot, smoky vanilla bean, vetiver, dried pinecones, injected with intoxicating hints of delicate white carnation.

Satsuma Orange - A blend of guava and oranges.

Snow Flurries - Frosty swirls of Boo Boo Lemon Noel, fresh fallen snow, homemade marshmallows softly blended with bubbling champagne mingling amongst sweet drops of French lavender extract.

Something Wicked - Tart Cranberries, Sweet Ripe Blackberries, Crushed Raspberries, and one lone Strawberry that tried to get away.

Spell Caster - Glowing amber essential oil wraps gently around notes of sticky golden honey, freshly picked mulberries and finished on a warm magical base of myrrh.

Sun Kissed Clouds - Blood orange and Satsuma juice raining atop fluffy marshmallow clouds.

Sweet Dreams- Spoonful’s of lemon sugar, hypnotic French lavender oil, German chamomile, relaxing neroli & sweet lily of the valley make up this ultra-calming blend.   ♣

Sweet Sours  - Grapefruit sugar, pink sugar, and lemon sugar whipped with super sweet cotton candy.

The Un-Red - This blend would make any vampire or other undead creature stalk your bathroom. Buckets of bloody orange juice, sweet vanilla, bourbon vanilla, sandalwoods and ambers. Hide this one well or you will find it missing by morning.

Toffee Apple Crunch~ The aroma of granny smith apples with creamy, buttery caramel; dipped in crunchy toffee chips.

Twist of Lime ~ So sour it will make you pucker.

Twist of Lime Noel – Twist of lime blended with VBN.

Union Hotel - Flemington NJ's most haunted location, once a bustling hotel in the early 1900's with classy bar and restaurant has now been shut down and
abandoned, many people have experienced apparitions who have explored its decaying interior since.  Mugs filled with steaming hot buttered rum tinged red with blood oranges, sliced of rum raisin cake drizzled with brown sugar, maple, butterscotch and caramel with haunting notes of aged polished oak banisters and sparkling amber.

Vampire's Lament - Luscious strawberry milkshake essence spiked with white amber, metallic white musk then finished off with a splash of creamy vanilla.

Vanilla Bean Nectarine - Tangy orange and nectarines balanced by smooth vanilla and creamy coconut.

Vanille Abricot (Type) - Jackfruit, apricot, papaya and sweet vanilla.

Vanishing - Ripe pomegranate infused wine, 5 fold orange, sticky maple sap, aged bourbon whiskey.

Violet Pixie Dust~ Violets dipped in a sugary concoction of  berries, plums, pears, strawberries and a hint of citrus sprinkled with sweet sugar crystals.

Voodoo Berry— A berrylicious fruit juicy fragrance. Aside from the multitude of berries, it has notes of peach, cherries, orange, grape and more.

White Chocolate Strawberries ~ A decadent blend of strawberries, white chocolate and  buttercream turned up a notch with a sexy vanilla.

White Melon - Fresh sliced cantaloupe, yellow pear and honeydew melon blended with a delicate breath of sweet vanilla.

Wicked Desserts - Crisp Macintosh apples picked fresh from the orchard combine with pumpkin then swirled with heavenly whipped buttercream icing for a to-die-for fall treat.

Wicked Pumpkin~ Juicy fruits of cranberry, strawberry, blackberry and raspberry blended with sweet pumpkin puree.

Wildberry Cobbler - Freshly picked wildberries baked into a delicious warm cobbler topped with a generous dusting of confectioners sugar complete with a heaping scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Winter’s Night–Woodsy smell of a winter’s night in the country.  Blended with tangy fruits, pines and a warm, smoky scent.   ♣

Witches Cottage - In an obscure overgrown clearing lays the witch's cottage shrouded in mystery and darkness hidden from human eyes. Pale Calla lily, wild blackberries, orange, October blooming osmanthus, oak, Indian sandalwood and patchouli softened by trickles of amber.

Witches Delight - Brimming with the true olfactory essence of the fall season! Soft buttery vanilla cookies dusted with orange and black sugar, fresh cranberries, blood orange oil, dark brown sugar, Turkish mocha whipped with shards of bitter almond, roasted hazelnuts tempered with a cool blast of iced vanilla.


  ♣ - denotes Phthalate Free

  * - denotes spice notes, please do a test patch before using and not well suited for in shower products, shampoos or conditioners.