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Alluring – soft and sensual southern florals of lavender, rose petals and honeysuckle mingle with a hint of vanilla.  It is as it name suggests, alluring to say the least.

Black Orchid & Vanilla - Exotic orchids with hints of fresh floral greens mingled with a sweet vanilla base. ♣

Black Velvet ~ A new twist on Lavender essential oil sweetened with vanilla & spiced up with a splash of CocoaPink’s amber blend.

Briarwood Meadow - Ylang Ylang, jasmine sambac, white vanilla orchid, bergamot and white musk all resting on a bed of smooth vanilla cream.

Buttercream Rose - Crushed white rose petals sprinkled delicately over a bowl of double whipped buttercream frosting.

Butterfly Forest - Warm sunbeams peek quietly through majestic, ancient oak trees entangled within lush English ivy setting the paper thin wings of Pipevine Swallowtails, Painted Ladies, and Monarchs aglow in a breathtaking display of color. Purple sandalwood, ancient wood, English Ivy, Firelight Peony petals, snow white musk and a single drop of Oud.

Celestial Water - sweet clean scent of hemlock, magnolia, and honeysuckle.

Clementine Lavender - Herbal French lavender mingles with fruity notes of sweet clementine, hints of tangerine, bergamot and Italian lemon.

Copacabana Sunset - Frangipani, nag champa, bourbon vanilla, Indian Sandalwood and Tunisian amber.

Confederate Jasmine~  Authentic jasmine scent- like walking past walls of climbing jasmine blossoms. ♣

Crown Of Roses – Plump wild strawberries dipped in sweet white chardonnay while the dreamy perfume of velvety white rose buds and rose geranium flowers dance playfully in soft summer breezes.

Death Valley –Black salty earth, fading smoke off in the distance with light wisps of lavender, cypress, baby's breath and purple orchid.

Desert Twilight - Ghost Flower, mitti attar, Peru balsam, Saguaro cactus water and black musk.

Dreaming Of Roses - Yellow and orange rose petals drizzled with airy whispers of marshmallow cream brightened with an explosion of lemon, bergamot and tobacco.

Escape - Fresh drops of pineapple juice, white dahlia, kiwi, pink lychee fruit smoothed over a sensual base of Tahitian vanilla, redwood and just a pinch of Spanish saffron.

Fairytale- Bulgarian roses, fresh juicy apples and vine ripen strawberries sweetened up with sugar cookies topped with candied cherries and sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar.

Fleurs Siagne - a floral lover’s dream come true with this lovely mix of flowers that grow along the Siagne Canal in France.  Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose and Orange Blossom.

Flowerbomb (Type) - wildly lively and busy floral, it opens with notes of bergamot, tea, jasmine, iris, violet and freesia. It is nicely tempered with sugar candy, bright citrus, cedarwood and ozone marine notes finally closing in a whisper of sensuality... sweet musk, powdery vanilla, patchouli, rose and Tonka bean.

Green Fairy - Sparkling soda, bubbling spring water, Concorde pear, fresh green tea leaves, young bamboo, soft white water lily, cascading lady slipper orchids, osmanthus and pale musk.

Green Sugar - Fresh Oriental bamboo, spring water, muscovado sugar, jade orchid blooms, delicate white patchouli and sweet Indian sandalwood gently kissed with golden amber, violet petals and cedarwood.  Limited Stock

Hawaiian Lei -  Lush Tropical blooms adorn a breathtaking Maile Vine Lei - Intoxicating pink lotus flower, creamy white pikake blooms, silky tiare petals, Maui blossoms, bright purple passion flowers and gorgeous waves of Hawaiian White Ginger.

Heavenly Basbousa - Turkish rosewater cake (Ravani) a much loved middle eastern dessert is brought to life in this delectable scent creation.  Almond cake, creamy condensed milk, whipped cream, vanilla extract, strawberry syrup, whispers of sugared lemon and rosewater made with velvety crimson rose petals.

Honeysuckle White Tea - Delicate Spring honeysuckle blossoms seeped in a cup of aromatic white tea gently sweetened with a spoonful of golden clover honey.   Limited Stock

Hummingbird - Wild golden honeysuckle, Kentucky grass, blue lotus infiltrated with delicate cool earth notes.

Innocence - Ocean wind, scorching hot sand, raw vanilla, heather and night blooming jasmine.

June Wedding – Soft white wedding cake filled with a center of fresh blackberry jam then decorated with an intoxicating bouquet of pale jasmine sambac flowers, lilac and wisteria petals.

Just Breathe - Fresh Vanilla bean, West Indian vanilla orchid, pink lilac blooms, lily of the valley, plump green cactus, exotic fruits softly blanketed in beautiful pale musks.

Kailua Beach -Bask in the dreamy tropical notes of Hawaiian White Ginger, azure tinged ocean water, ice cold coconut milk with a delicate touch of Oahu red pulmeria blooms.

Lakeside - Water lily, vanilla orchid, tuberose, rooibos red tea, sandalwood and teak.

Lavender Clouds – Sleepy Spanish lavender essential oils softly blended amongst French vanilla clouds and fluffy marshmallow pillows.

Lavender Honey Macaroons - French macaroons with wild lavender sprigs blended with pure black vanilla bean and gentle touches of golden tupelo honey.

Lip Venom - Sultry pomegranate, pomelo, blue lotus, violet leaf, orchid, whipped cream, mahogany, champaca, amber and dried sage.

Lipstick Stains - Pale Bourbon Vanilla shocked with sexy red musk, bright red Bulgarian rose petals with lashings of sensual incense.

Lost Coast –  The breathtaking location where majestic misty mountain ranges meet the emerald waters of the Pacific Ocean. Japanese golden pear juice, red ginseng root, dew covered lily of the valley, pristine edelweiss mountain flowers, ozone, salty ocean air, sun bleached driftwood and newly clipped peppermint leaf.  Limited Stock

Malibu Rum Cake Pops - Coconut rum, yellow cake and orange juice cake pops decorated with tiny hibiscus flowers.

Martha's Vineyard - Ocean water, hot sand, neroli, lily, wild violets with an unexpected twist of crisp lettuce.

Monarch Haven - Monarch butterflies cluster tightly together with their bright orange and black paper-thin wings, fluttering delicately in the warm August sunshine. While, whisper-light fragrant notes of  sultry tiger lily, kiwi fruit, angel white lilac blooms, pineapple and green Anjou pears drift quietly through the air.

Moonlight Tiare CP exclusive- inspired by the moonlight glimmering through Tahitian night air - where the essence of tiare blossom, lilacs and night blooming jasmine are carried by a gentle ocean

Morocco - Sun warmed rose petals gently spiced with the sensual addition of sweet bergamot, hot sand, tobacco and pink peppercorn.

Paper Butterfly - Osmanthus, paper, golden fields of wheat, powdered sugar, cream, dry white amber grounded with the beautiful memory of soft pale musk. LIMITED STOCK

Paradise Found - Cool fresh coconut water, coconut meat, tropical palm leaf and large pink hibiscus blooms.

Peach Skies – Silky, smooth peach and apricot nectar kissed by the summer sun, golden honey, red poppies and spring violets sweetened with gentle strands of freshly spun pink cotton candy.

Pearlily –Juicy pear, stargazer lily, tomato leaf and golden copal.

Pink Blush - Wild rose, pink carnation, black currant, pink sugared grapefruit, sweet pink moscato wine, pink peppercorn, teak and white sandalwood.

Pinup Girl - Ruby Red Grapefruit, fresh summer strawberries, wild rose blooms and African violets tempered with a soft base note of bitter almond.

Purple Rain - Gentle notes of soft, sensual vanillas, wild violet, french lavender, sweet, crimson wine and cool white musk.

Red Velvet Lip Stain - Bulgarian Rose petals, red currant, blackberry, creamy vanilla bourbon and sandalwood kissed with sexy red musk.

Shimmer - Sparkling notes of purple freesia, white tea, wild strawberries, bergamot, sweet pistachio macaroons, sandalwood spiked with soft vanilla.

Sigh - Whispers of sweet, European lavender and weeping apple blossoms cuddled in pillows of marshmallow clouds and vanilla cream.

Signature White- a blend of delicate Shea blossoms, rice flowers, vanilla cream, sweet sugar and heliotrope with delicate undertones of amber and sandalwood. ♣

Southern Grace - Watermelon combines gracefully in this fragrance with black dahlia, freesia, lychee, pralines and a touch of vanilla musk.

Spring Fever - Hummingbird tulip, newly sprouted grass, white moondance rose petals, purple hyacinth, bergamot, juicy red apple and white oak.

Sugared Violets -  Blue Violet petals dipped in sparkling white sugar crystals.

Sweet Dreams- Spoonfuls of lemon sugar, hypnotic French lavender oil, German chamomile, relaxing neroli & sweet lily of the valley make up this ultra-calming blend. ♣

Tahitian Monoi Cake - Vanilla cake batter injected with candied citrus, moist white cake smothered in whipped buttercream icing touched with nuances of Polynesian Monoi oil.

Tropic Nights - Night blooming water lily, sweet pink grapefruit accented with yellow Hawaiian frangipani blossoms wrapped gently in sweet sandalwood and white amber oils.

Violet Pixie Dust- Violets dipped in a sugary concoction of berries, plums, pears, strawberries and a hint of citrus sprinkled with sweet sugar crystals.

Violet Pound Cake - Fresh baked pound cake squares sprinkled with wild candied violet petals then softly dusted with confectioners’ sugar.

White Jasmine Mint (Jo Malone Type) CP exclusive- This enchanting essence, inspired by a sun-drenched morning in an English country garden, perfectly captures the scent of jasmine, lily, orange flower and rose on the morning breeze. An unexpected twist of soft and sensual wild mint stimulates the senses and teases the palette in this elegant and eccentric fragrance.


  ♣ - denotes Phthalate Free


  * - denotes spice notes, please do a test patch before using and not well suited for in shower products, shampoos or conditioners.