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Dram Perfume Vial

Dram Perfume Vial

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If you are only purchasing a set or two of drams and would like them sent 1st class, please leave a note at checkout.  You will receive a refund for the difference once your order ships.  If you purchase other items and your package weighs more than 16 ounces, your package will be sent priority mail.  Please be aware that 1st class orders will be shipped in a padded envelope.  Your order will not be sent 1st class unless you request it.

Our drams are 1/8th ounce vials. These hold approximately 3.55 ml of fragrance. No sprayer or roller ball is affixed to these vials. They are offered in your choice of an oil based or alcohol based perfume. Please select one or six vials at checkout. If choosing more than one but less than 6 you will need to make multiple selections. If selecting six, please be sure to include you scent choices.