Perfume Spray

Perfume Spray

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    Long lasting perfume.

    Just in time for the holidays we have added an even larger bottle to our perfume spray line up.  Now available in 1 ounce (30 ml) and 2 ounce (60 ml) bottles.

    Our perfume spray is not just fragrance oil tossed into some perfume alcohol. We've put together a secret blend of ingredients that will help make your fragrance last longer and extend each note as you enjoy it throughout the day.

    Available in Light, Medium and Smell Me Across Town intensities.

    Note: Please be advised that
    Smell Me Across Town is very concentrated with fragrance oil and people with scent sensitivities should avoid spraying directly on skin.

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    Author: Ashley Foster

    I really like these parfumes, I love the scents so much. I get them in smell me across town strength and I can smell it 8+ hours later!:D

    Author: Malaurie Coupé

    Je ne suis vraiment pas déçus j'ai le parfum cotton candy j'adore

    Author: Runa Marie Lifjeld

    This perfume lingers all day (I have it in Marshmallow Candycane, "Regular") and I've had nothing but compliments, and of course the additional "You smell like Christmas and an exclusive candy shop rolled into one!"

    Author: Margie

    These perfumes are so wonderful, I get them in smell me across town and they are very strong and long lasting. I can't wait to add more to my perfume collection!

    Author: A. Dery

    These perfume sprays are great, strong and long lasting! A good value too, since I don't have to douse myself in them all day long to keep the scent going. I like these for winter and the oil based roll-ons for summer.

    Author: Sher

    I bought the Smell Me Across Town version based on the reviews here thinking it would be strong scent.What I got could be further from the truth. With in minutes of applying the scent is gone and if this was the Smell Me Across Town strength,I would hate to see the light version. It smells more of alcohol than anything else.

    Author: A W

    All noses are different, scent is subjective and body chemistry is also an important factor. IMHO, Sher's experience is an anomaly because every review that I've read elsewhere about CP SMAT perfumes is that they are super strong and long lasting. In my own experience, they only require a few sprays, are uber strong and they last all day without reapplying. I get an alcohol smell from retail perfumes, but never from CP perfumes. I recommend them all the time.

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