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TAT details

Turnaround times:  TURN-AROUND TIME FOR OUR EARLY BLACK FRIDAY SALE IS ESTIMATED TO BE UP TO 45 BUSINESS DAYS.  Some orders will be completed sooner than this, depending on when you placed your order.  Please be mindful of this turn-around time and try and keep emails to us at a minimum.  We will be processing orders as fast as we can and cannot make any guarantees on when they will be completed.  We will post the numbers we are working on below and you may check here for a status update.

Currently working on 209260 - 209312

Completed orders 209025 - 209259

Orders are completed in the order in which they are received. 

Business days are Monday - Friday not including weekends or holidays.


** Please note- A "not finished" status on your order means we are currently working on it and we are not finished making it.  "Processed", means your payment has been processed, but your order is not being made at this time.  "Completed", means your order is completed and mailed.**